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The Nerd: It's Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Godzillathon!

The NerdKing Kong vs. Godzilla. It was simple genius to put two of the most famous monsters together in the battle of the century. It was the American monster against the Japanese monster, it was the East vs. the West. And on top of that, this is also the first time both monsters appeared in color. Now, Godzilla had been in hibernation for seven years, but Kong had been in the film since 1933, and now it was in 1962. So, it was really about time for him to make a comeback. But, realistically... Well, nothing here is realistic, but if you were to compare the original Kong with Godzilla, there really wouldn't be much of a fight.

The Nerd: Kong was about 25 feet tall where's Godzilla was about a hundred and sixty-seven feet tall. And if you go by the English dub of the first movie, he's over 400 feet tall! Besides, regular machine gun bullets from some planes was enough to kill Kong, but Godzilla gets hit by bullets, bombs and missiles all the time. He's indestructible. Oh, and another thing, he breathes fire. So, it's really not fair. But even more hard to believe, it was originally going to be Godzilla vs. Frankenstein. So, scrapping the idea of a classic of the stop-motion effects which are costly and time-consuming, Toho made Kong into a rubber suit and beat him up to Godzilla-sized.

The Nerd: But at the end, the two monsters duke it out on the slopes of Mount Fuji. It's awesome. Kong throws rocks, using his tail Godzilla flips one back, the fire definitely poses a threat. But Kong keeps coming. He's clearly the underdog in the fight. He gets his face smashed right into a rock. And every time he up, Godzilla puts him back down. Then there's the dropkick, which is the only bit of stop-motion in the movie. Well, it's really not a fair fight. That is until Kong gets struck by lightning. Yeah, I forgot to tell you that, lightning makes him stronger. Another indication that he was originally meant to be Frankenstein.

The Nerd: But anyway, this is where the fight really starts. My favorite part is when Kong takes a tree and shoves it down Godzilla's throat. That's hilarious, should've shoved up his ass. There's this part where they look like two hand puppets. It's great. Now, for years, there's a rumor that there are two endings for the film. Supposedly, in the Japanese version, Godzilla wins and the American version, Kong wins. This has been documented in books, and remember this was before the Internet. So, yes, as a kid, I used to go to the library and read about Godzilla. It was hard to even find a video rental store that had a copy in any of these movies, but with the advent of the Internet, the truth is out, the double ending is a steaming load of bullshit!

The Nerd: However, the film itself was altered a lot for its American release by Universal, adding scenes with American actors and recycling music from their horror classics like The Wolf Man and Creature from the Black Lagoon. But anyway, who wins the fight? Well, that's up to the viewers decide. Check it out. It's a great fun cheesy monster movie. Now as much as I hate to say it, but just for technology's sake, it begs for a remake. If they would remake King Kong vs. Godzilla with love and affection for the original movie, then do it. Come on.

The Nerd: Oh, yeah, yeah. You wanna know about the Frankenstein thing, right? All right, so, Willis O'Brien, the creator of the original King Kong suggested a movie where Kong fights a monster that was created by Dr. Frankenstein by sewing together pieces of different animals, but before production, Toho decide to change Frankenstein to Godzilla. But without wasting the idea, Toho actually made Frankenstein Conquers the World featuring a Godzilla-sized Frankenstein monster who fights another creature named Baragon. They even made a sequel called War of the Gargantuas. Another cult classic about two hairy ass monsters that fight to the death.

The Nerd: Supposedly, they spawned from pieces of the Frankenstein monster or something like that, but all references to Frankenstein were deleted in the final film. Now, the Frankenstein came from Germany, so I bet that it was pretty disappointing for German fans to see mention of their monster removed from the film. So, I don't know how much this is true, but from what I've gathered, the German release of the film reinstated Frankenstein in the plot. And not only that, but in several the Godzilla films, they explained that the monsters that Godzilla fights are all created by Frankenstein. And that Jet Jaguar is actually supposed to be King Kong in a robot suit. But anyway, we got a while before we start talking about Jet Jaguar and there's a lot of stuff coming in. This is just Godzilla, I'm not even gonna go talk about Gamera yet or anything like that and... I could talk about this stuff for hours and I just love that shit.

(Godzilla roars and claps his hands)