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The Nerd: It's Cinemassacre's Monster Madness: Godzillathon!

The Nerd: After destroying Tokyo, Japan, Godzilla returns, but this time to tear apart Osaka. For its US release, they changed the title to Gigantis, The Fire Monster, but in most video released, the original title has been restored to Godzilla Raids Again. It's not Gigantis, it's Godzilla, damn it. Even though the movie was made right after the first one, the grim tone of the original is already lost. It opens with the narrator talking over stock footage of nuclear bombs, but here it just seems cliche as this is a convention of the 50's monster movies, but it's classy and that B-movie sort of way.

The Nerd: So not only did they bring Godzilla back, but they also brought in another monster named Anguirus or Angoris. I don't know, they tend to pronounce the name in several different ways as the series progresses. Now Godzilla and Anguirus, well, they don't like each other. I don't know what it was, but I recall Godzilla saying something about Anguirus's mom, but I don't know, they just fucking hate each other's guts and Anguirus is a worthy foe, but Godzilla just kicks his ass.

The Nerd: This is the first time he fought another monster, a tradition which would last through the rest of the series. Another tradition is this pagoda that gets destroyed. Now, Godzilla's rubber suit was slimmed down a lot from the first film because it was just too damn heavy and having to battle another monster would only make matters worse. There's an art to making people and rubber suits appear large and they did a good job in the first movie by filming from low angles and with proper atmosphere case and camera speed, but this one comes off a little cheaper and probably has the worst shot of Godzilla ever. An aerial view from a helicopter and he isn't even moving! (shows a footage of his Godzilla toy) He looks just like my foot tall Godzilla action figure.

The Nerd: Still, it's a fun movie and it ends with a great scene where the fighter jets keep blasting at the ice and cause an avalanche which buries Godzilla in a state of frozen hibernation. And how ironic, because hibernation was exactly what Godzilla would be doing for the next seven years. Meanwhile, Toho, the studio that produces all these movies, began to experiment with other monster flicks. There's Rodan, The Mysterians, Varan the Unbelievable, and Mothra. But after that, Godzilla would make a comeback in the most legendary monster mash of all time.

(Anguirus howls and Godzilla roars)