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The Nerd: It's Cinemassacre's Monster Madness: Godzillathon!

The Nerd: Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster is one of the most important entries in the Godzilla series because it's the first to introduce Ghidrah, a three-headed dragon from outer space that shoots lightning out its mouths. He doesn't have to, he just flies over stuff in the wind and destroys everything. There's that pagoda again.

The Nerd: While Ghidrah would become the most popular recurring villain in the Godzilla series and would be later referred to as Ghidorah. They also bring back Rodan, a pterodactyl sort of creature and this is Rodan's second film, but first to appear alongside Godzilla. Now, throughout the film, Martians control the mind of a princess and use her voice to speak to the people of Earth and warn of the monster crisis. Meanwhile, there's assassins trying to kill the princess. So, why couldn't the Martians choose somebody who's not a target?

The Nerd: Godzilla and Rodan spend the whole movie fighting, further proof that Godzilla can't get along with anybody. This is my favorite part right here. Watch, it's the dick-drop! (exclaims) That's gotta hurt! Also, when Rodan yanks on his tail, it's like his head is connected to every movement.

The Nerd: So, Japan's got all these monsters trampling around so something's gotta be done. The twin fairies call upon the last offspring of Mothra to come back and be the peacemaker. The other one's supposed to be dead, more or less out of convenience, so there's only one Mothra again. So Mothra goes and tries to talk to Godzilla and Rodan who are too busy playing volleyball with a boulder.

The Nerd: After a few blasts from her web, she gets their attention. One of my favorite moments of the whole series Rodan has a good chuckle at Godzilla first, then when he gets it, too, Godzilla laughs his ass off.

(Godzilla starts to laugh and roar)

The Nerd: Applying human traits to these monsters is where it started to gear towards the younger audience, it's a great scene, and they all sit around and do monster talk while the twin fairies translate for us.

Twin Fairies: Oh, Godzilla, what terrible language!

The Nerd: Unable to get them to cooperate, Mothra goes to fight Ghidorah on her own, gets her ass handed to her. And then Godzilla and Rodan join in. It's three monsters against one and this is where the Monster Rumble was born. It's no wonder why this movie was such a big success. Three heads are better than one, and four monsters are better than two.

(Godzilla roars)