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Wacky Blasters Board James (Episode 23)

Board James: Alright guys, here's a very rare game that will blow you away! Wacky Blasters!

Bad Luck Bootsy: Before we begin, I have an amazing, amazing idea!

Board James: No, no. It's okay.

Motherfucker Mike: I don't- I don't trust you.

(Mike and James begin to argue on Bootsy)

Bad Luck Bootsy: Come on, come on, thanks for pete's sake! GOD DAMNIT CAN YOU TRUST ME ONE FUCKIN' TIME?

(They both stops arguing, then Bootsy runs away faster and goes back for the table)

Board James: A table?

Motherfucker Mike: That is ingenious!

Board James: That's the best idea I ever heard of! Why do we never think of such a thing?

Motherfucker Mike: It's amazing!

Board James: Playing a game on the table!

(Mike and James then look at Bootsy, creating a tent and holding a lantern)

Bad Luck Bootsy: Oh... right.

Board James: Alright guys, so the object of the game is extremely simple. We each play as one of the Wacky Blasters the fun-loving creatures of Puffball Island. There's Corki, Schnoz, Weezer and Squeaky.

Bad Luck Bootsy: I'll be Yella'!

Board James: They blow air out their noses which you use to blow the puff balls up the mountain. The first player to blow your Puff ball up to the top is the winner.

(The Wacky Blasters blows in one of the puff balls)

Bad Luck Bootsy: A little light on a blow here this guy's not doing anything for me.

Board James: Go!

Motherfucker Mike: Yeah!

Bad Luck Bootsy: Come on this is fucking bullshit!

Motherfucker Mike: Well is that it? Is there anything else to the game?

Board James: Not really, except if you want to play using the die you would roll it and blow as many times as the number. If you roll a Wacky Blaster you get to blow your opponent back one.

Motherfucker Mike: So basically you blow each other? (They both laugh, except for Bootsy)

Bad Luck Bootsy (laughs): Like a-- Like a sucking dicks, right guys?

Board James: Yes, thank you Bootsy.

Board James: (read the instructions) The game also suggests the option of playing one at a time while counting the number of blows it takes each player. But CLEARLY the best option is blast away where you all blow at the same time and it's all just complete chaos!

(Montage set to the Wacky Blasters theme song, sung by Bootsy)