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I'm the fucking nerd. And there's this guy called the Nostalgia Critic. (NC: I remember it, so you don't have to) And he's talking about me an awful lot lately. (NC: I have a bone to pick with one Angry Video Game Nerd) So here's my big comeback to you, Nostalgia Critic: you suck. (grabs a pen from his pocket pouch and throws it at the camera)

It's Satirical: The Nostalgia Critic and Angry Video Game Nerd both respect each other's work.

Yeah! I got pens! And I'm not afraid to use them!

It's Satirical: Nobody really throws pens. I mean, yes, the pen is mightier than the sword, but that's just an expression meaning that communication is more effective than brutality.

Now you might be thinking: "Aww, is that his comeback? Is that all he's got?" Well, no. I got more. (points at the camera) You're a poopy head. (throws a pen at the camera) Can we spell it out? (Nerd folds the paper into almost a cylinder) You're a poopy head! (NC: Shit eating!) Dung head! (NC: Cock sucking!) Shithead! (NC: Butt fucking!) Dookie brain! (NC: Penis smelling!) Crap face! (NC: Cow humping!) Fecal face! (NC: Testical choking!) Burr Burr (NC: BBBBBBBBB)

It's Satirical: Or at least let's hope, because if not, both men are certifiably insane. And you're even more insane to belive it.

I really like how you deciphered my hidden meaning.

  • Nostalgia Critic: There is a hidden message inside of this comment. (shows a montange of NC finding clues) There's 38 words in the message. 38 words divided by 2 weeks, is 19, which would be S. (Critic figured out the clue, which says: "LICK MY SHIT NOSTALGIA CRITIC".)

Well, you were close. It was actually: "Lick my balls, you piece of shit Nostalgia Critic."

It's Satirical: Nobody wants to lick anybody's shit or balls, and even the Angry Video Game Nerd would not prefer this, because it would just be...well, nasty.

Yeah, we're pretty even. You did the Super Mario Bros. movie before I did. (puts down the Super Mario Bros. DVD) Well, I got to The Wizard before you did, so IN...YOUR...FACE.

It's Satirical: Nobody should care who reviews what first and when. There's no offical signup sheet. If more than one person has seen the movie, they can each express their own opinions.

No matter how many YouTube channels you create, I am the domination of the internet. (evil laughter)



The End? (NO!)


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