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McKids - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 7

The Nerd: M.C. Kids is nothing more than an advertising vehicle, much like games such as Yo! Noid and 7-Eleven's Spot. Now, some people out there may actually like this game, and to be fair, it isn't one of the worst games in the NES library. There are definitely much crappier games such as Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout and Silver Surfer, for example.

So anyway, let's check out M.C. Kids. So there's Ronald with his magic bag... bag of hallucinogenic drugs. I always thought that clown was one scary motherfucker. The Hamburglar stole his bag, apparently.

Alright, this is the first level. Now, does it look familiar? So where have I seen this before? Jumpin' around, collecting M's. Oh, like coins in Mario Bros.? Like, yeah, that's where I've seen this! It's just like Super Mario Bros. 3. Let's check it out. I mean, the map looks similar, same idea; the stages are designed the same. Jumping on enemies, I mean... everything looks the same. Mario's controls are a lot better, though. Well, pretty much everything is better.

So back to M.C. Kids. You know, I changed my mind. It actually is pretty original. I mean, walkin' upside-down, I mean, that's pretty creative.

(The in-game character spins around and moves backwards in the level at high speed.)

The Nerd: Whoa, makes me feel sick. They must have been on crack when they came up with this game. So you go around collecting cards that ya need to beat the level. So... there you go, into Ronald's magic zipper, runnin' around through Magic McDonald World.

(The in-game character spins backwards through the level again.)

The Nerd: God, that really makes me nauseous. And don't try to kill anything with those blocks. That (chuckles) really doesn't work too well. Collect some more useless M's that don't do anything. Alright, here's a shitty bonus game. You jump on these arrows that make ya go up. You gotta jump on the white ones until you get to the top, and then when you get to the top, you go into another zipper, and you collect some 1-ups which, aren't really that important because, there's a part where you can get a whole bunch of 'em. Then you go to Birdie's stage. Stupid feathered fuckin' bird bitch.

(The in-game character collects some M's in the shape of a smile and two eyes.)

The Nerd: Heh, cute smiley face. You know what's a big problem with this game? I mean, you never know what's below you. You just fall and die.

(The in-game character falls down a bottomless pit.)

The Nerd: Fuckballs! This game's so bad, they actually invented a way to end it by pushing start and select at the same time. So you get this block which makes ya heavier, so you can jump higher. Well, lower, really. And now, you have another 1-up that you don't need, so that's just a waste of time. Oh, and look! I died anyway, so, what a waste. Oh, God! Look, a McFlurry man! Those guys are badass!

So how do I get that card? Oh, every kid knows how to do this. Just get the secret passageway under the clouds. Yeah, that's easy to figure out. Kids will have the patience to figure that out, 'cause, you know, kids have a lot of patience... especially the ones with ADD, such as myself.

Then you go to Grimace's board. Here's Grimace, the big purple fuck. Look at his house! It looks like Barney the Dinosaur's testicle. Okay, so here's the part where you can get a billion 1-ups. So ya get just two 1-ups here, and then you go back into the board again. You die here, but ya always get one extra, so if you have an hour to waste, then, there ya go. (chuckles) Have fun. You're completely wasting your time anyway if you're playing this game, as I am. Let alone make a fuckin' video about it.

And some people like to call 1-ups "extra guys" or "free mans". I like to call 'em life insurance. Look how bad the jumps are. Look at this. What a shitload of fuck! All I wanna do is get down to that barrel, but it's such a pain in the ass! And it keeps bouncin' me back up! Fuckfarts! It never ends with this game. It's just like an infinite turd coming out of my ass, just like an endless rope. I mean, when the fuck's it gonna be over? I can't stand this shit!

Watch the moose! Grab a block and try to kill him. Unfortunately, it just bounces and misses him. Now look at this. Would ya ever guess that you're supposed to jump off this cliff? And this ship really minds me of Super Mario Bros. 3 again. And also, why is this guy walkin' on water? Who does he think he is, Jesus Christ?

Then you gotta talk to the Professor, another one of Ronald's stoner friends. And he tells you to get more cards, which makes me just wanna punch him. Even worse, you gotta go to the moon, where you meet CosMc. Now who the hell's CosMc? Did they run out of McDonalds characters? What about Captain Crook or Big Mac? No, CosMc. I never heard of him. I guess there's nothin' more you can expect but a shitty character like that. I mean I bet the people who designed the game were paid minimum wage.

So anyway, you're on the moon, so you're floatin' around, and then there's these tentacles that come out and kill ya wherever you go. And ya really gotta bust your balls to find all those cards. Like, there's this one that's high up in the air, and even when you get it, you jump back down and somethin' kills you and you gotta start the whole level all over again. Assballs!

So here you are at the last stage, Robble Robble. You gotta get the cards from Hamburglar. So, you gotta get across the lava by throwing these blocks in it while all this stuff is shootin' at ya. Fuck! So look at this: this is some kind track ya have to move on. But ya can't because the controls are so hard. So do ya hit A or B? I don't know; I have no idea how to control this. You'd think you can just hold the A button or something, but no, of-of course not. That would be too simple. They have to make it like, you do these little taps with the button to make it move. And the controls just... suck ass. What a piece of shit! A little kid could never figure this out.

So finally, when you get through all these crazy obstacles, you get up here, you walk all the way to this lava pit, and you don't have any blocks to float over it; you can't go around it, so... what do you do? Guess you just gotta commit suicide.

(An image of the Nerd pops up in the bottom-right corner of the screen, similar to Mortal Kombat 2.)

The Nerd: Toasty!


  • According to James Rolfe and Mike Matei, M.C. Kids was reviewed because they thought there would have been a lot of comedic potential due to the fact that it's a McDonald's tie-in game. However, as they played it for the first time, they realized that the game was actually pretty good.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that the Nerd has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).
  • This episode introduces the iconic theme song by Kyle Justin.
  • This is also one of the only episodes where the Nerd has no screen time, not counting the opening theme.


  • When the Nerd is talking about the "much crappier games" in the NES library, he refers to one in particular as "Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout", even though the actual game title is The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout. He would later make the same mistake in the Birthday Blowout review, as well as in the Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle episode.
  • The actual pronunciation of the game's title is "em-cee-kids", but the Nerd refers to the game as "McKids" and even the episode is titled as such. However, this could be due to the McDonald's tie-in.
  • The Nerd refers to Spot: The Video Game as a 7-Eleven tie-in. This is incorrect, as the Spot mascot is actually from 7-Up.