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Christmas Carol Part 1 - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 38

("Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy" plays in the background, while we see the Nerd (From the Captain S crossover video) getting a package and gets excited about it, but opens it and finds out that it's Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, for the NES. All the happiness in his face goes away.)

The Nerd: Oh gee. Thanks for sending me this crappy game. Coal would've been nice. Or even better, a bag of poop! So thanks.

(Intro plays, beginning with the remix of the "Mickey's Christmas Carol" theme and finishing with the "Angry Video Game Nerd" theme.)

The Nerd: Home Alone 2 on the NE-FUCKIN'-S. Now, just like in the movie, you're anywhere but home; you're lost in New York. Now, I'm really scrapin' the bottom of the shit barrel with this one. I mean - the first Home Alone game was so bad, why would ya even bother with this one? Well, it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

The Nerd: Now the first thing I noticed, besides of course, the title screen and the strangely-placed credit scroll, is that the game is actually in memory of someone. Now that's sad. (The game was in memory of Tom Heidt, a video game programmer at Imagineering, who died in 1992. This message was also seen in The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man, another Imagineering-developed game.)

The Nerd: So, you start the game, tryin' to escape from this hotel, because they found out that you used a stolen credit card. Now you don't wanna fuck with this hotel. They'll get everybody after you. Not even just the people who work there, but bouncing old ladies with umbrellas, mops. Yeah, crazy bloodthirsty mops will try to get ya. Vacuum cleaners? Yeah, they'll suck you up. Then there's suitcases. Even the fuckin' suitcases are tryin' to run ya over.

The Nerd: Now another thing I noticed right away was that the sound effects are taken straight from Bart vs. the Space Mutants.

(comparisons between both games; with both sharing the same sounds for jumping and getting hit)

The Nerd: Now that's common for a video game company to recycle their own sound effects, but that was Acclaim, and this is THQ. Damn robbers. Now, nothing in the game really makes any sense. You're just runnin' around, and-- (Mr. Hector grabs Kevin) Get the fuck OFF me, goddamn it!

The Nerd: There's a guy throwin' a key. Now, in the world of video games, a key is usually a good thing. You collect keys and use them to open doors, but not this game. The key kills you!

The Nerd: Then you go into these rooms which have absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Sometimes you can find items, some of which can be used as temporary weapons, but the main idea is that you just run to the right until you reach the end. But then what happens? Nothing! You can't go anywhere! You press the button and wait for the elevator, but it doesn't happen! Meanwhile, these suitcases keep flyin' at ya, so you start walkin' to the right, but no, that doesn't work either. So, what do ya do? You go back and explore the whole level, exhausting every possibility until ya realize, yes, you are supposed to wait for that elevator.

The Nerd: I end up pushing the button, like a hundred fuckin' times and I'm being serious! I don't know if it makes a difference, but basically, you gotta wait for that elevator. Then it starts droppin' you off on random floors. You run all the way to the right again, only to be faced with the same problem. It's a dead end! So, what do ya do? You go left again. And when you get back to the elevator, only then can you advance to the next random floor. It doesn't make any logical fuckin' sense.

The Nerd: So you're just goin' around, dodging everything, and sometimes it's impossible to jump over people, so you really need a weapon, which you can sometimes find in these rooms, but watch out for those crazy fuckin' maids that throw pillows which look like bloody butcher knives missing handles.

The Nerd: When you see the old ladies, ya slide on your knees like Pete Townshend, which is probably the best part of the game. Sometimes the slide can kill things, and other times, it can't. I didn't even know it could be used as an attack until I got to the chef, because that's the only way to get past him: is to slide into him.

The Nerd: Now of course, every time you hit him, he removes another article of clothing. Now his shirt's gone and... do I really wanna do this? Ugh, shit, GOD! Then he leaves his hat and... it turns into a pizza. Okay...

The Nerd: There's really no consistency in this game at all. For example, most of your enemies, you can stun 'em and then just pass by, but this asshole, it doesn't work! You shoot him in the balls, and then he still has his way.

The Nerd: I just wanna get up on those boxes so I can jump over. But you can't. You can jump on the boxes to the right, but you can't jump on the ones on the left! I mean - what kind of fuckin' sense does that make?!

The Nerd: (in level 2; Kevin is climbing lampposts) Some of the poles you can climb, and some of them you can't. (back in level 1) Some of the potted plants, you can jump on the plant itself, but other times when you're in desperate fuckin' need, you can't! It's like the game keeps changing the rules!

The Nerd: (in level 2; Kevin is in the sewers trying to climb up a ladder to escape pigeons dropping sticks) Here, get up the ladder! Get up the fuckin' ladder! There's birds shittin' all over me! GET UP THE FUCKIN' LADDER! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK! AAAAGGH!

(The Nerd forcefully takes the game cartridge out of the NES)

The Nerd: Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! YOU MISERABLE FUCKIN' CUNT; PIECE OF SHIT! (hurls the game off-screen and walks up to the game cabinet) Shitty games, all my life! Shitty fucking games! I hate shitty fuckin' games, and I hate shitty fuckin' Christmas 'cause shitty fuckin' Christmas means more shitty fuckin' games! HUMBUG! BAH! FUCKIN' HUMBUG IT TO HEEEEEEEEELL!

(Double Dragon for the Sega Master System falls out of the shelf and hits the Nerd on the head, knocking him out.)

Ghost of Christmas Past: Greetings, Nerd! Forgive this intrusion for it is I, the Ghost of Christmas Past!

(The Nerd hits himself with game, caption reads "To be Continued...")

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