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AVGN- Bad Game Cover Art -21 - Killer Kong (ZX Spectrum)

("We Wish You a Merry Christmas" plays and ornaments numbered 1-25 are seen on a Christmas tree. A raspberry sound is heard and the cover to Killer Kong appears on the 21 ornament, along with shit.)

The Nerd: Killer Kong, (Nerd chuckles) f-for Z-ZX, ...the ZX Spectrum. Uh, in-in America would say letter 'ZX.' (laughs) Killer Kong! I can't look at it. (feels his forehead)

The Nerd: How could you look at that grinning gorilla without losing your shit? The mystery of the Mona Lisa's subtle smile is nothing compared to this!

The Nerd: What is this gorilla smiling about?? Like he or she, probably 'she' because of the breasts, knows something that you don't. But this is Killer Kong, so maybe this motherfucker is thinking about killing you.

The Nerd: The way it meets your stare is unsettling. It feels as if it is actually looking at you and the moment you look away, it's going to lunge out of the cover and show you exactly what it means by KILLER KONG!

The Nerd: It kinda looks like one of those public domain VHS tapes, or like somebody was trying to release King Kong on VHS, but they didn't have the proper rights so they had to make this half-ass cover.

The Nerd: Notice how the edges of the gorilla are so rough, so it's almost being swallowed by the background. It burns into your eyes and invokes visions of cotton candy bubble gum dreams, but it's all a trick.

The Nerd: This game is very rare, so it's hard to get a good image of it. I wish I could tell what that round thing is on the eye. It looks sort of like a monocle. This is a high-fashionable gorilla who likes to examine things up close. Particularly, your innards.

The Nerd: The game itself is a clone of Donkey Kong and there were many Donkey Kong copycats floating around at the time. That's what happens. Somebody makes a successful game, and then others copy. Monkey See, Monkey Do. You see the monkey and the monkey see you.