("We Wish You a Merry Christmas" plays and ornaments numbered 1-25 are seen on a Christmas tree. A raspberry sound is heard and the cover to Karnaaj Rally appears on the 17 ornament, along with shit.)

Karnaaj Rally for Game Boy Advance. (Nerd gets shocked, staring at the Karnaaj Rally's cover art) Good God! There are no two elements in this picture that belong together. It's mishmash! The computer-generated title, the blurred image of a car, a blue-haired screaming maniac Photoshoped in front of it. I don't even know where to start! What is 'Karnaaj?' Why's the letter 'R' singled out? The 'N' could've just as well sprout out of the flags. Why is the car so blurred that you can't hardly tell what it is? Why is the man so sloppily cut out and why is he leaning at such an awkward angle? Perhaps the car is ramming into the side of his head. What was the purpose of dyeing his hair, or excuse me, Photoshopping his hair blue? Is this some sophomoric acting or what? (The guy's face on the cover replaced by Nerd's face, while he's yelling with weird voice) I've heard the game itself is actually pretty good, but who would want to play it based on the cover? If it's a game about racing, SHOW US THE CAR, not some goofy guy who just made the most epic photo bomb in history!

Let's say I did buy the game based on the cover. I'd be disappointed if he wasn't the main star. I don't wanna race cars! I wanna be the blue-haired guy who runs around the track and goes like, (Nerd yells like he's crazy) Maybe he's a former racer, but he never achived success, so he's now depressed and losing his mind, so he dyes his hair blue, he shows up at the raceway, and starts making a total mockery of the profession! Maybe that's what he does everyday. They're used to him. "Yep. That's him again, clowning around. Just carry on with the race. Don't draw attention. That's what he wants. Just ignore him."

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