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AVGN Bad Game Cover Art 8 - Action In New York (NES)

("We Wish You a Merry Christmas" plays and ornaments numbered 1-25 are seen on a Christmas tree. A raspberry sound is heard and the cover to Action in New York appears on the 8 ornament, along with shit.)

The Nerd: New York for NES. Oh, Action in New York.

The Nerd: "Action in" looks like it was written with a quill pen. Is that the type of font you'd see on the cover of a science fiction action game, or in a line of text from the Declaration of Independence?

The Nerd: It's hardly noticeable, but New York is printed so big and clear, just so you know where this game takes place. It reminds me of that game, "Alien Tiger Meteor Massacre in MIDDLETOWN, NEW JERSEY".

The Nerd: Anyway, that's some banner, like a bumper sticker graphic. With the Statue of Liberty in the center with a big halo, or nova blast around it.

The Nerd: This is a nice graphic... for a t-shirt, or a hat. This is like something you'd see in a gift shop. This is the perfect postcard to promote New York City, because nothing says "New York" more than a man screaming point-blank at a robot! I tell you, crazy shit happens in New York City. People screaming at robots, a man shattering his fist against the fabric of space and time...

The Nerd: Maybe that robot is the Shatterhand Man after he finished punching all the flesh from his body. The man's face radiates with anger, beaming with expression while the robot stares back at him with a flat, featureless face like a metal trashcan. Look at the intensity. The raw emotion. So powerful that it harnesses the lightning.

The Nerd: The lightning portrays nature, the only thing that comes between man and machine.

The Nerd: It splits the contrast between the imperfect, emotionally driven human being, and the unflinching, synthetic creation of his own design.

The Nerd: The robot represents technology. The man represents humanity's frustration, yet unwillingness to live without technology.

The Nerd: This does not look like a man who is in combat in a science fiction world. This looks like a man who is mad because his iPhone froze.

The Nerd: The man is clearly not ready to attack the robot. Wouldn't his arms be up? How did he get so close before raising his arms to fight?

The Nerd: That's because he has no intention to destroy it. He just wants it to do what it's supposed to, but the machine doesn't care. It looks like the robot has just shot a laser from its eyebrows, and we just happened to catch this image the very instant before it blasted the man right through his eyeballs, splattering his brains all over the place! If only he had his laser reflected visor down. Dumb shit.

The Nerd: By the way, the game is a 2D space shooter. The European version of a game called S.C.A.T.. It's the same game, only the title is different.

The Nerd: S.C.A.T. stands for Special Cybernetic Attack Team, but the word "scat" actually means... animal shit.