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James Rolfe: Welcome back! It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness".

Dracula: I bid you welcome.

James: The year is 1931, the era of sound films is young and Universal Studios had just made "Dracula"; a landmark in horror films. Following its success the Studio decided to make "Frankenstein", a classic tale of a scientist who dares to play God and create a human being.

Waldman: You have created a monster and he will destroy you.

James: Bela Lugosi, fresh off of "Dracula", was asked to play the monster, but the part wasn't appealing to him – his face would be covered in pounds of makeup and he wouldn't have any dialog, so he refused. The role was handed over to Boris Karloff who became one of the most famous horror stars to ever live and perhaps the most famous movie monster of all time.

Since the film's release, audiences called the monster "Frankenstein", even though the name belongs to the scientist. In the films, the monster itself is usually referred to as 'Frankenstein's Monster', 'The Frankenstein Monster', or just 'The Monster'. However, the confusion has lasted to this very day. The look of the monster which everybody recognize, was created by makeup man, Jack Pierce. In Mary Shelley's original novel, the monster's description is pretty vague, so it was all invented for the movie.

While the movie's criticized for not doing the novel justice, it is responsible for putting Frankenstein into the pop culture. For example Doctor Frankenstein, in the movie, has a hunchback assistant. That now has become a staple in movies, cartoons, and all media. Nobody can forget the images from this film. Even if you haven't seen the movie, you're probably familiar with it. From beginning to end, every scene is memorable; Frankenstein and his assistant digging up the corpses, the laboratory with all those crazy electronic gadgets, the lightning, the little girl by the pond, the angry village people chasing the monster with torches and of course, some of the most famous movie lines ever spoken.

Dr. Henry Frankenstein: It's alive... It's alive. It's alive! It's alive!!!

James: The movie has been parodied and imitated countless times over the decades. The sequel "Bride of Frankenstein" sticks closer to the novel and this time they give the monster a voice.

The Frankenstein Monster: Frankenstein...

James: The film makes you sympathize more with the monster and it's a lot more emotional, yet all around superior to the first movie. It also introduces one of the greatest mad doctors ever, Doctor Pretorius, played by Ernest Thesiger.

Dr. Pretorius (as he pours wine into a glass): Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

James: Boris Karloff, once again, played the monster in "The Son of Frankenstein", which some feel as the best of all of them, due to Bela Lugosi's fantastic performance as Ygor.

Ygor: Yes, he was...huuunting!

James: Basil Rathbone is also great as the son of Frankenstein.

Baron Wolf von Frankenstein: Is it the old legendary monster of my father's time, or am I supposed to have whipped one up?

James: After this film Karloff would step down for other actors to play the monster, but the mark he made is legendary.

(Elizabeth screams as she sees the Frankenstein Monster – in return, he growls)