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James Rolfe: Thanks for joining me with Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness" as we go through the history of horror films. We just got through the silent movies, now with the birth of sound movies we have the birth of a new era; the Universal Studios horror cycle. This is the Golden Age, where all the classic monsters made their eternal marks.

Dracula: I am... Dracula.

James: The first was "Dracula" and it's got all the elements of a proper chiller; fog, bats, crumbling castles, cobwebs, possums and (sounds confused) bees...? But anyway, the main attraction of this movie is Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi.

Dracula: Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.

James: Lugosi only learned the English language just for the roles he played on stage and on the screen. The rhythm and accent of his voice would forever become the way Dracula talked.

Dracula: I have chartered a ship; take us - to England. We will be leaving. Tomorrow evening...

James: Though he wasn't the first Dracula, he was the first in setting the popular image and folklore of the character. He was surely the best Dracula there ever was or ever will be and if you have any doubt about that, he was buried in the cape – now that's commitment. He just has this evil presence and when he starts staring at you like that, you know you're fucked. (as Dracula is about to bite a young woman) Man, Dracula's a pimp. Dwight Frye is also great as the crazy Renfield.

Mr. Renfield: Rats. Rats. Rats!

James: His laugh is enough to make you faint

(Reinfield does a creepy laugh)

James: The movie has a slow, but creepy dreamlike atmosphere to it. Because it's the first sound horror movie, they didn't think to add music, so when there's no dialogue there's hardly any audio whatsoever. But that only adds to the creepy atmosphere, making it the definitive chiller and the best Dracula movie.

Dracula (as Van Helsing presents him a cross): Indeed... *hiss*!