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James Rolfe: Welcome back. It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness". Fresh off his success as the Monster in "Frankenstein", Boris Karloff went on to play the Mummy. So he was the first in portraying two of the most imitated movie monsters of all time. Don't be fooled; the mummy doesn't spend the whole movie wrapped in bandages going around killing people. 

(Ralph Norton screams as he's confronted by Imhotep)

James: Most of the movie he's actually unwrapped, trying to raise his mummy princess from the dead. But when he founds out that she has a living reincarnation, he instead tries to kill her and make her a living mummy like himself. The movie is a unique sort of horror story – it's often called a love story that lasted for thousands of years. And the movie has a creepy, hypnotic feel. One of my favorite parts is the flashback describing how the mummy Imhotep was buried alive for breaking into the princesses' tomb, trying to resurrect her. And to keep the location secret the men who buried him were killed. It may be the first impaling ever shown on screen. 

One thing that makes this movie special is that there were no sequels… Unless you count "The Mummy's Hand", "The Mummy's Tomb", "The Mummy Ghost", and "The Mummy's Curse". But these followed a different mummy named Kharis, controlled by the egyptian priest seeking revenge on those who robbed their sacred tombs. This mummy stays in its bandages, it never speaks and it mindlessly kills people. 

(Shots of Kharis slowly chasing and killing people)

James: Come on, move your ass! You can't get away from that mummy?! Come on man! Aww, too bad…