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James Rolfe: It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness" and we got a monster mash for you today. In our history of horror films we started in the silent era, worked our way through the golden age of the 1930's and 40's where all the major movie monsters were established. Then we got into the 1950's boom, the sci-fi B-movies, the coming of color gothic thrillers of the 60's and 70's and the 80's slasher flicks. 

Throughout this era many new monsters were established, all starting their own series. We had Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, Chucky, Leprechaun… All these characters had made their mark on movie history. 

But near the end of the 80's a little movie came out called "The Monster Squad", which brought back all the classic monsters. Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolf Man, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein's monster – all of them perfectly recognizable but all with a fresh makeover, in color and with a contemporary setting. Not only is it a reunion of these monsters, but the first time I believe they've all been featured in a live action movie. 

The Monster Squad is just an ordinary group of kids with a clubhouse in a tree, but they gotta save the world from monsters. 

Patrick: Is 'Frankenstein' the name of the monster or the guy who made him? 

Rudy: The guy. 

Sean Crenshaw: Right! 

James: Sounds corny but for all the right reasons. This is a fun, fun movie. The special effects are great, the spooky scenery is just right on, the comedy is great. Everything just fits into place. It also has one of the most famous movie lines since 'It's alive!'. 

Horace (after kicking the Wolf Man in the nuts): Wolf Man's got nards! 

James: You know a werewolf can only be killed by-- no, not a kick in the nards, but a silver bullet. Now, did you ever wonder what would happen if you cut off a werewolf's head or blew him up? Well, this is the first movie to explain that… He just comes back together. The first time I saw that I think I pissed myself. The movie has an awkward balance; it tries to be a family film but at the same time… not quite. 

Dracula: You bitch! 

James: But it's an unique mix of comedy and horror and for a while it was a rare cult-favorite. But today it's starting to get the recognition it deserves. 

Well, after "Monster Squad" throughout the 90's and 2000's we began to see modern remakes of all the classic monsters one after another. "Bram Stoker's Dracula", "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein", "Wolf", "The Mummy", "Hollow Man", "The Phantom of the Opera", another monster reunion in "Van Helsing" and even a remake of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" is on the way, proving that the classic monsters never die. Every halloween you see them everywhere; in TV commercials, costume stores, cereal boxes and all kinds of merchandise. But if you're in the mood for a fun monster movie, gather around some popcorn and put on "The Monster Squad"