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James Rolfe: It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness". Watch this movie and you're in for a treat; "The Invisible Man" by "Frankenstein" director James Whale, based off the H.G. Wells novel. Jack Griffin is a scientist who succeeded in turning himself invisible. But the only problem; he can't turn himself back. At first he tries to find a cure, but the power of being invisible overcomes him and gradually he becomes a lunatic with a desire to rob and kill.

Jack Griffin: The nation that wins my secret can sweep the world with invisible armies! 

James: For 1933 the special effects are amazing. No computers, just primitive optical effects. Griffin is played by Claude Rains, the same actor who later played the Wolf Man's father and the Phantom of the Opera in the 1943 color-remake. He has a great voice for the role. 

Griffin: Power to walk into the gold vaults of the nations, into the secrets of kings, into the holy of holies. Power to make multitudes run squealing in terror at the touch of my little invisible finger. Even the moon is frightened of me, frightened to death. 

James: He pulls off being sympathetic and ruthless at the same time. 

Griffin (before killing Dr. Kemp): Then you'll do a somersault and break your arms, then a grand finish-up with a broken neck. 

James: He's such an asshole. The movie has got to be the funniest of all the Universal movies. I highly recommend it. 

Griffin (singing while skipping down a road, only wearing pants): Here we go gathering nuts in May, nuts in May, nuts in May. Here we go gathering nuts in May on a cold and frosty morning. 

James: The one thing you may find irritating is Una O'Connor. 

Jenny Hall: The invisible man!? Aaaargh!!! 

James (while various clips of Jenny screaming are playing): All she does is scream. Sounds like a parrot being fucking raped. You'll be so annoyed you'll actually find yourself laughing about it. 

James: The cops too are very funny. When they get called to the inn to arrest Griffin, the first officer doesn't even seem to care what's going on. 

Constable Jaffers: Here, what's all this? 

Townsman: It's the stranger with the goggles. He's gone mad. He's assaulted Mrs Hall and nearly killed her husband. 

Constable Jaffers (sarcastically): Oh… 

James: And that's when Griffin starts taking off his clothes showing that he's invisible. 

Griffin: Now you'll suffer for it! You're crazy to know who I am, aren't you? Alright, I'll show you! Huhuhahahaha! 

(He removes his clothes, shocking everybody witnessing it)

James: This is the first time anyone sees this happen. Wouldn't you be scared shitless? Well, not this cop. 

Constable Jaffers (calm and careless): He's invisible, that's what's a matter with him. 

James: Oh, that's all? He's 'just' invisible?! Wouldn't you be like "Oh my God, holy shit! He's fucking invisible!"? Then there's the monotone cop. 

Monotone cop (with a deadpan expression): He's got to sleep. They might catch him asleep. 

James: Was this intentional? Was the guy under hypnosis or is this the world's worst actor? 

Anyway, "The Invisible Man" is a great movie full of thrills and laughs. Definitely check it out! 

Cop with mustache: Oh, I say… Pretty good. 

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