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James Rolfe: Welcome back. It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness" and this is our monster of today; an innocent little girl possessed by the Devil. So… where did we leave off? I think I was saying that horror movies have a lot of balls. Well, this one is pure balls to the wall, vomit inducing, screaming bloody horror. 

By all definition of the word 'horror' this is a horror movie. But for a genre that doesn't always get a lot of respect this one is always considered a film legend. It won some oscars and golden globes and all that shit, and it's always referred to as 'the scariest movie ever made'. You may or may not agree but back in 1973 there was no comparison. 

(Regan does a possessed growl)

James: Now that's some freaky deaky shit! The special effects are a real show-stealer and I can't show you the best of it. One reason is that it gets so graphic that I might be crossing the line and I also feel that I'd be doing an injustice to the film by spoiling it. 

Possessed Regan: Your mother sucks cocks in Hell, Karras! 

James: Today the breath, that fog you see, it would've been CG. But that room was really that cold. My favorite scene is actually the opening. It has such an eerie mood – you can tell some bad stuff is gonna happen. The movie does a great job at grossing out and shocking its audience, but how it affects you on a deeper level is a personal experience. The question is; 'Do you believe in the Devil?'. 

Well, anyway, it might not be the scariest movie of all time but it's still pretty damn scary and when you see that face (referring to Regan's demonic face) coming into your dreams, you'll know what I'm talking about.