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James Rolfe: Next we're gonna talk about "Star Trek 3 - The Search for Spock". Of course, that makes it "part 2" in our "Star Trek Trilogy". As much as I call this one a classic, the plot is really weird. I still have a lot of trouble wrapping my head around it. But it is a science-fiction movie, so you're not supposed to overthink it.

Starting off, the only important thing to know is that the Genesis device worked and Spock's casket's been shot out into orbit around it. The next thing that happens: Dr. McCoy starts going crazy and nobody knows why yet. Then Kirk is visited by Spock's father, Sarek. Sarek does the vulcan mindmeld on Kirk to read his thoughts. What he's trying to find out... well, he's looking for Spock's soul and it's not there.

So why does he need to find his son's soul? Well, because he has reason to believe that Spock left his soul in one of his crewmembers. And if he did, the soul has to be reunited with his body and sent back to his homeworld of Vulcan. Well, then it would've been pretty helpful if Sarek came aboard BEFORE they shot the fucking body out into space! I mean--what, he's not gonna be at his own son's funeral? Don't question the vulcans.

Okay, so they gotta find his soul, so what do they do? They just watch the ending of "Star Trek 2 - The Wrath of Khan". Yeah, it's supposed to be a security camera, but I guess the Enterprise cameras are so good that they get the perfect angle just like in the movie. It's like in "Spaceballs", when they're watching their own film.

Dark Helmet: What the hell am I looking at?!

James: So anyway, they find that it was McCoy who Spock put his soul into and having a Vulcan's soul inside you... well, makes you go apeshit. He even does the Vulcan nerve pinch and ends up being taken to the asylum.

Kirk: How many fingers do I have here?

McCoy: That's not very damn funny...

James: So now Kirk has to go find Spock's body, which is now resting somewhere on the Genesis planet. He breaks McCoy out of the asylum and hijacks his own ship after it has been decommissioned.

Captain Styles: Kirk, if you do this you'll never sit in the Captain's chair again.

Kirk: Warp speed.

Sulu: Aye, sir. Warp speed.

James: It's a great scene. And they use a very unlikable dickhead captain, who tries to chase him down, which only makes us want to see him get away even more.

Meanwhile, his son David and Lieutenant Saavik are already on the Genesis planet when they find Spock, who has been resurrected by the effects of the Genesis project. The only difference is that he's reverted to a child and is growing at a fast rate. This is because of the substance called protomatter which was in the Genesis device and is making the planet itself grow at an accelerating rate.

It's all pretty ridiculous but the best part of the movie is the Klingons. The Klingon leader is played by Christopher Lloyd. Like Khan, he's obsessed with getting his hands on the Genesis device.

Kruge: Genesis! I want it!

Dr. Brown: 1.21 GIGAWATTS?!

James: My favorite scene is when the klingons have the Enterprise at their mercy.


James: Kirk surrenders but ends up tricking the Klingons to board the Enterprise as it self-destructs.

Enterprise Computer: Seven, six, five...


James: And yep, the Enterprise comes to an end. It wouldn't be the last, but this itself had a long history. Again, it shows that the movie takes risks.

We also have Kirk's son being killed by the Klingons. It makes the Klingon lord more of a ruthless villain and more than enough reason to have him be Kirk's nemesis. Unlike Khan, they actually do have a one-on-one brawl. They fight it out on the Genesis planet as it destroys itself around them. It's another memorable scene and a classic throwback to the old TV series, where Kirk was always getting into fights.

[A montage of some of Captain Kirk's fight scenes from the original series.]

Overall, it's a good entry in the series and a pivotal follow-up to "The Wrath of Khan". But it always gives me mixed feelings. It's nice to see Spock come back and without him, he wouldn't have had all the great comedic moments in "Part 4". But it's pretty dumb that they decide to have him die, only to bring him back in the next movie.

The plot could only be stranger if Kirk fucked Spock's mom and she gave birth to a mutated KirkSpock with a dick that shoots photon-torpedos. Like I said, the Klingons are the best part and how could you go wrong with a villain played by Christopher Lloyd?

Dr. Brown: Great Scott!

James: Most of the odd-numbered "Star Trek" movies tend to be the worst, but this is one exception that's still worth seeing. Check-in later for the final part of "The Trek Trilogy".

Kirk: Help us or die.

Maltz: I do not deserve to live.

Kirk: Fine, I'll kill you later.