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James Rolfe: It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness"! Another one from Tobe Hooper, who about that? After making movies about psychopaths and ghosts, this time he takes on the topic of spontaneous combustion. Now, that refers to a series of real-life, unexplained cases where it's been said that people have spontaneously erupted into flame. It's pretty damn funny to think that the human body can just blow itself up. But if it is true then I wonder how accurately this movie portrays it.

Sam is an ordinary guy who's learning of his terrible origin. His parents were working on some kind of nuclear experiment in the 1950's. Shortly after he was born they both had a spontaneous combustion, becoming human flamethrowers and reducing their bodies to ash and bones. Now Sam is grown up and starting to have fiery accidents of his own – especially whenever he's mad. (As Sam sets a man's head on fire) Talk about being hotheaded. Even when he's on the phone nobody is safe from him. 

Radio Technician: … from personal calls. 

Sam (as he tries to contain his anger): Listen, you… IDIOT!! (sparks suddenly erupts from the technician's phone) I don't think this is as important as your lousy-- 

(Fire instantly comes out of the technician's mouth and he starts to combust)

James: That's John Landis right there with one hell of a cameo. Sam is played by Brad Dourif, who you might recognize as the voice of Chucky. Here he's not a villain but just a tragic man who can't control what's happening to him. His amazing performance saves an otherwise mediocre movie. Look at the expression in his face, you can feel the intensity. The frantic turmoil that agonizes within the disconsolate immoralisation of the soul – that is the face of a man who explodes and shoots fire! His girlfriend is the one who suffers the most. You just don't wanna be around this guy. (As fire comes out of Rachel's phone) Oh, he's got the hots for you! 

Rachel: He just called me, Lew, and fire came out of the phone! 

James: "He called me and fire came out of the phone"!? This guy is a ticking time-bomb. Now, that's a common phrase but this bomb happens to be nuclear. 

Sam: Burn, goddamn you! 

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