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James Rolfe: Welcome back to Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness" as we go through the history of horror films. Most of the movies we've talked about are supernatural; monsters, vampires, werewolves – things that can't happen in real life. But "Psycho" deals with the beast that lies within the mind. 

I don't think it comes as any surprise that the star of Janet Leigh is murdered early in the film. The shower scene as it's always called is one of the most famous movie moments and have been imitated and parodied countless times. 

(Garth from "Wayne's World" stabs 'Mr. Doughnut Head Man' while humming the stabbing-sound from "Psycho")

It was shocking and innovative for its violence, yes. For its tight editing, yes. For being called the first slasher film, yes. But the reason being is that nobody expected this to happen. Before 1960 you don't kill the main character in the beginning of the movie. 

Director Alfred Hitchcock had some balls and he stood firm and did not let theaters allow entry to the movie after it started, because he didn't want people showing up late wondering where Janet Leigh was. Hitchcock was already established as 'the master of suspense' and one of the greatest directors of all time. His movies are full of unique twists, psychological storylines which reflect his own personal fears and a subtle dark blend of humor. 

To describe the ingenuity of "Psycho" as a whole I'd have to reveal the whole plot and that I'm not gonna do. Because if you haven't seen this movie you should check it out.