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James Rolfe: It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness"! This is an interesting one because we're going back to the "Midnight Spookshow", the golden time where monsters would run through the theater.

"Monsters Crash the Pajama Party" was one of those interactive movies. The title explains it all. A bunch of girls have a slumber party in an old haunted house. The boys play pranks and try to scare them. But there's an evil scientist in the basement who sends out a gorilla after them. That's your plot – it's as dumb as it gets.

Toward the end of the movie the doctor sends his monsters out into the audience. Now what would happen; people dressed up as monsters would run up the aisles and grab actors planted in the audience. The actors would be dressed like the characters from the movie, so it would seem like the monsters actually drag the people into the movie screen. 

Mad Doctor: You find yourself walking home alone in the dark… and you hear strange footsteps behind you. And when you turn around to look… if you dare look, you'll see nothing… (evil laughter)

James: But the whole reason to get this movie is for the DVD itself. It's a whole collection of obscure movie clips. It's like a "Spookshow" museum. It's the perfect DVD to watch on halloween. You'll have fun just playing with the menus. You move the cursor around through a cemetery, an underground crypt and a haunted house. You'll find bats, cats, spiders and ghosts. And nothing is labelled so it's always gonna be a surprise what you find. It might be a short film, or just a random clip, a dancing skeleton, or some kind of weird home movie from the 1920's. It's a haunted box of chocolates, you'll never know what you're gonna get. 

There's this one film that takes place in a drive-in movie theater. This guy gets up to get some popcorn or something and he ends up turning into a werewolf for no apparent reason, then comes back and attacks his date. And that's all there is to it. It's so simple and stupid, yet it's genuinely amusing. 

There's at least an hour of radio spots and posters, which is the perfect background to any halloween party. 

Radio host: Live on stage from Hollywood, California! "The Vampire People" who crawl into the audience, seeking fresh, warm human blood! Plus Frankenstein in person-- 

James: It transport you right back to that golden age. My favorite part is the spinning hypnosis wheel in the beginning. It actually hypnotizes you, trust me. Get the DVD, watch it on the biggest screen possible and you'll start to feel like you're being sucked into the TV. It's crazy! And if you don't blink for a long time and just stare at it, it actually screws with your eyes so when you look away from the TV the room distorts like a black hole sucking all matter into the center. I'm not kidding and it's not just me. I tried it with friends and we've all seen the same thing… and we don't do drugs either. 

The DVD comes with a booklet all about the "Spookshow" and 3D glasses. But aren't these the worst 3D glasses you've ever seen?! Were they too cheap to include just a little bit more paper so that you can actually wear them? The 3D movie itself looks like it was shot in somebody's backyard and the effect doesn't work at all. But all this shittiness just adds to the charm. 

This is an awesome DVD. it's innocent, good old fashion fun and it makes you feel like a child again. Check it out whenever you want a time warp back to the "Midnight Spookshow"

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