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Robbie Rist: James Rolfe is a hero of mine.

James D. Rolfe: Oh, thank you.

Robbie Rist: No, no. It's true. I discovered him by accident on the ScrewAttack page. He did this review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, and it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. And, uh, and I emailed him, and I'm like, "Dude, if you're doing anything ever, I want to be involved."

Michelangelo: Let's go for it!

Robbie Rist: And then he put me in his movie, which was awesome.

The Nerd: So, uh... outer space, huh?

Alien: Yep.

James D. Rolfe: And that was perfect, because we, uh, we- so we had this animatronic alien in the movie. Well, there were three versions of it. There was one that was, like, the stunt version that's just foam and we throw it all over, whatever.

Alien: Oh! That fuckin' hurt!

James D. Rolfe: Then there was one that, like, stretched its mouth open, that was all it did, and then we had one that talked and its eyeballs moved. And, uh, you know, it was remote control, and um... we- you know, it just- it just kind of made sense. I don't remember, like, how the idea came because it was so long ago now, but it was like, "Well, who is very well-versed in voicing animatronic green creatures?" And I was like, "That is perfect."

Robbie Rist: Mmm, yeah yeah, that'd make sense.

Michelangelo: God, I love being a turtle!

James D. Rolfe: I remember when we, uh, recorded it, it was- it like, it went really smooth, too, because we just brought it to you knowing that you would know how to do it. 'Cause we didn't know what we were doing. We were like, "Okay, we have this footage of this puppet. We- we want you to somehow sync up with this puppet."

Robbie Rist (footage of recording session): One indescribable, far out, unimaginable, fucked-up enigma of nature, way, way, way outside the boundaries of existence!

James D. Rolfe: And I remember all we pretty much did, we just played it for you on the video and you just went right into the the role, and it was cool.

Robbie Rist: Yeah, and after a while, you get used to how things flap.

James D. Rolfe: Yeah.

Robbie Rist: You know, like the Turtle movies are all... it's all flaps. It's really what it's about.

James D. Rolfe: Yeah.

Robbie Rist: Yeah.

James D. Rolfe: How similar was it?

Robbie Rist: I-It's all about flaps. Well, the alien is slightly less articulated. Yeah. Slightly, slightly less articulated than the Turtles.

James D. Rolfe: Yeah, d-d-depending which Turtle movie I imagine.

Robbie Rist: Oh, listen. Don't- don't go ba- You know... Turtles III, for your information, it's the one where they let me off the leash.

James D. Rolfe: Oh yeah?

Robbie Rist: Yeah, so there were like all these, all these lines that they're like, "We have, uh, a flap. Uh, can you... come up with something for that, please? And, and so like, there- I have a ton of ad-libs in it. Now I understand that it's- it's... y-you taught me this, actually through that thing, is that... these... sequels, these movies that- that- you know, this- this fandom world that we live in, the- the people who like this stuff, don't need very much. For a Tur- th- seriously, for a Turtle movie, there's not very much that you need to satisfy them. But starting with III and going up into Michael bay world, they took more and more away from what drew people to it in the first place.

[This transcript is unfinished.]