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James Rolfe: It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness". To celebrate this halloween season we've been taking a trip though the history of horror movies. We've seen the terrors that come from Transylvania, from a doctor's laboratory, from the mind of a psychopath, from Hell and from the deserted countryside. But now we're taking a look at the terrors from the sea. 

The monster of course is a killer shark; one that made people afraid to go in the ocean. What really makes it scary is that you don't see the shark a whole lot, but you feel its presence whenever that creepy John Williams music starts playing. 

(The music starts to build up as the shark nears its victim)

James: It does a great job building up tension and let's you know that the shark is near. But then there are times when the music isn't playing, when you're not supposed to know. It scares the shit out of you! So the movie succeeds in both suspense and shocks. The setting itself is terrifying, being in the middle of the ocean where nobody can help you, not knowing when the shark is gonna come. The first half of the movie is just a setup to when they're hunting the shark. Once they get on that boat the movie officially begins and from there the tension just accelerates to a thrilling climax. 

"Jaws" was the first movie to make over a hundred million US dollars which started the notion of the summer blockbusters and it launched the career of Steven Spielberg. But that's not why we care about it. We care because it kicks some serious ass.