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James Rolfe: Welcome back to Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness" as we explore some of the most famous horror films in history. We started getting into the Universal horror cycle, but here's one from Paramount; "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". In this movie it's pronounced 'Jeekul' but whatever. Fredric March is fantastic as the doctor and his alter ego. The production value is top notch, the foggy street corners, gas lamps and gothic architectures all look great. There are lots of nice camerawork with some ambitious point-of-view shots.

Then the transformation of Mr. Hyde is one of the strangest special effects I've ever seen. The makeup was already on his face, but only by applying different lights and filters you can see it appearing. For 1932 it must have looked pretty realistic. What really steals the whole show is Mr. Hyde – he's such an asshole.  

Woman: Stop that! Let me go!  

Mr. Hyde: Oh no, oh no. You're not going-- 

Woman: Let me go! I'm going!  

James: He does whatever he wants. Even in a public place nobody ever attempts to call the cops on him. The rape scenes alone must have been more than enough to get it an X-rating, but of course there were no ratings back then. I actually find it quite amazing how he can talk with those huge teeth in his mouth and look how acrobatic he is. Wow, look at him go! He's like a monkey, a monkey on drugs. Mr. Hyde is awesome and so is this movie.