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James Rolfe: Welcome to Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness", reviewing some of the best monster movies throughout the ages. We started with the silent horror films of the 1920's, we made our way through the classic chillers of the 1930's and the monster mash from the 40's. After World War 2 monster movies were no longer scary. People were obviously more afraid of the horrors of real life. So with the atomic age a new genre of science fiction cinema was born. This was the B-movie age. The 1950's were all about monsters. Monsters created by scientific experiments, born from nuclear radiation or alien invaders. We had giant ants, giant spiders, giant gila monsters, killer brains, Godzilla and (a very funny looking monster is shown) oh god?! 

There's a lot of good monster movies to pick from but I'm gonna go with "Creature from the Black Lagoon". The creature, or 'Gill Man' as he's called, is so popular that he's often considered to be the last of the Universal Studio monsters. The creature on land was played by Ben Chapman and underwater, Ricou Browning, who had to hold his breath for four minutes at a time while wearing the creature suit. And neither one of these guys were included in the films credits to give a little more mystery to the creature. 

The cinematography was brilliant, especially the underwater stuff which was pretty innovative for its time. I dare to say it would look good in color, but the black & white tone sure do look gorgeous. The movie was originally shown in 3D, that would've been neat. Julie Adams is the creature's love interest and, again, if he would've just stayed in the water he would've been fine. But then again those scientists had no business in his lagoon.

Two sequels were made; "Revenge of the Creature" and "The Creature Walks Among Us". And to close this review I got a nice little piece of trivia for you. "Revenge of the Creature" marks the screen debut of Clint Eastwood. 

Jennings: Well, maybe so Doc, but there were four rats when I changed my lights. Now there's only three-- 

James: Well, a lot of people know that but here's something else. In "Back to the Future 3" Marty is getting ready to go back to the Old West. At the moment it's supposed to be 1955; that's the year "Revenge of the Creature" came out. Now what's he say? 

Marty (stepping out of the cinema wearing cowboy clothes): Clint Eastwood never wore anything like this. 

James (referring to the "Revenge of the Creature" poster next to Marty): And what's that? Nice touch.