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James Rolfe: It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness"!

Coffin Joe (in Portuguese): What is life? It is the beginning of death. What is death? It is the end of life. 

James: The "Coffin Joe"-series is one of the most underrated of all horror films. They were made in Brazil by director and star José Mojica Marins. The first film was called "At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul". Is that not the greatest title you ever heard? It begins with a creepy old witch warning you not to watch the movie. 

Witch: Go home! Hahahahaha!!! 

James: So right from the opening scene and the spooky credits sequence it has that cheese-factor. You know you're in for a good old spooky time. But then the unexpected happens; it turns out to be a violent, sick, fucked up, balls to the wall horror flick! It's not just because of the violence, but the character of Coffin Joe is one of the most cruel and horrible villains that goes beyond what North American cinema would allow. 

He's never actually called 'Coffin Joe' in the movies but that's the name which have been associated with his character. I think of him as one of the classic horror villains like Dracula and Mr. Hyde, but he makes even modern icons like Freddy Krueger look like a sissy. 

His whole mission is to find the perfect woman to impregnate and carry his evil bloodline. He kills anybody in his way and tortures women with spiders. So he's sorta like a real elaborate rapist. He hates religion and considers it to be comfort for the weak. He has many rants about it and this becomes a big part of his character. There's this scene where he's hellbent on eating meat even though it's a holy day. 

Coffin Joe: I'll eat meat today, even if it's human flesh.

(Coffin Joe eats meat as a religious mass marches right past his window. A priest makes the sign of the cross as Coffin Joe mimics the phrase "Want some?")

James: This all comes to a climax in a dramatic monologue where he screams to the heavens, asking for proof of God. 

Coffin Joe: I challenge your power! I deny your existence! 

James: It's a theatrical performance shown in one long take. It's the highlight of the film. 

Coffin Joe: Lies! 

James: The sequel "This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse" goes further to show him dealing with his inner demons. The highlight of this movie is a nightmare scene where he's dragged to Hell. Once he's in Hell it goes to color. It's the only color scene in the movie and it's one of the most wild depictions of Hell I've ever seen. There's so much stuff going on I notice something new every time I watch it. There's even asses sticking out of the wall, I'm serious. 

There were many other films featuring the Coffin Joe character. The third movie "Awakening of the Beast" used to be considered the last part of the trilogy. In fact, it was packaged with the DVD boxset that's shaped like a coffin. But in 2008 Marins made a new movie called "Embodiment of Evil". Unlike "Awakening of the Beast", or any of the others that came in-between, this one focused on Coffin Joe again. So now this one is considered to be the third part of the trilogy. 

The first two are the most badass horror films I can think of that are in black & white, and both of them came out before "Night of the Living Dead". But surprisingly not too many people know about them, so dig them up and check them out. 

Witch: At midnight I'll take your soul! Hahahahaha!!! 

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