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James Rolfe: It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness"! (Clips from a "My Buddy" commericial, and many images of 80's toys are shown as James speaks)

In the 1980's there were all kinds of doll toys like Cabbage Patch Kids and MyBuddy. And it seemed often these type of things were made in the movies. The movies advertised the toys and the toys advertised the movies – it's a never-ending commercial.

(Poster of Child's Play is shown as James speaks)

But then comes along the movie that's the anti-commercial; "Child's Play". When this came out nobody ever thought about dolls the same way again. 

Chucky (as he hits Andy with a baseball bat): Batter up! 

James: It's about a kid who thinks his doll Chucky is talking to him. 

Karen Barclay: You know perfectly well that you're making this up. 

Andy Barclay: But I'm not… Chucky is alive, really. 

James: It's funny how children never find anything unusual about this and they just assume that the parents are gonna believe them, like it's perfectly normal. Shouldn't the kid be like "Oh my god, holy shit! The fucking doll is talking!"? 

While you never see the doll come to life until much later in the movie, the suspense is the best thing this movie has going for it. But it's a shame that we never have a chance to suspect that it's all in the child's mind. There's no question wether or not Chucky is really alive because they explain it flat out in the opening scene. A robber gets shot down in the toy store and just before he dies he casts some kind of black magic, transferring his soul into the doll. If that's not enough exposition there's a scene later on where the mom and the detective recap on the whole incident. THEN there's a scene where we actually meet the man who taught the voodoo spell. There couldn't possibly be any more explanation! 

The "Twilight Zone" episode "Living Doll" told the same basic story, but with so much less explanation the suspense was so much more effective. But "Child's Play" can be credited as to edging the killer doll into this generation's sub-conscience. Chucky is a memorable slasher villain worthy of being idolized along with Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. 

Chucky (as he spins his head): Hi, I'm Chucky! Wanna play? 

James: That was his catchphrase. I remember when this movie came out I was having dinner over at one of my friends' houses, whose name happened to be Chucky. We must have all been around 7 or 8 years old. So anyway, Chucky was just goofing around, picked up a knife and said "I'm Chucky! Wanna play?". The mom's response was to grab him by the wrist and say "I'm mommy. Want a spanking?" – the best comeback in the history of moms. 

But the funniest thing Chucky ever says is the very first time he ever talks. 

Karen: I said talk to me, dammit, or else I'm gonna throw you in the fire! 

Chucky (as he comes to life and starts attacking): You stupid bitch! You filthy slut! I'll teach you how to fuck with me! 

(Shows clips of Chucky in Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3 and Bride of Chucky)

James: That in a nutshell is why Chucky is so great. And nothing can stop him; he keeps coming back in sequel after sequel, which only went further with the comedy. 

Chucky: Who the fuck is Martha Stewart? Don't fuck with the Chuck! 

James: Chucky, you're the man. 

Andy: Wow! 

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