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James Rolfe: It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness" and we got a nasty one for you today. Before Peter Jackson was making some of the longest movies ever made, he was making some of the goriest movies ever made. 

And as we've seen in our history of horror films the genre started out pretty tame. "Psycho" shocked the world with its 'stabbing'-scene, "Night of the Living Dead" pushed the boundaries even further with its flesh-devouring zombies, "Dawn of the Dead" took it to the extreme and in color, "The Evil Dead"-movies exaggerated the blood-count and made comedy out of it. 

But then comes along the masterpiece which is "Braindead" – a movie that brought the gore-factor to indescribable heights which still hasn't been surpassed. "Braindead", for whatever reason, is called "Dead Alive" in North America. But wether you know it as "Braindead" or "Dead Alive" I can assure you it will blow your mind. One personal favorite highlight of mine is a creature-baby getting the shit kicked out of it. 

(Lionel Gosgrove violently beats up the creature-baby as a drunk vagabond happily cheers at the sight)

Then there's the kung-fu priest… 

Father McGruder: I kick ass for the Lord! 

James: Now, I'm a little unsure where to go with this review, but all I can say is that it's the goriest movie I ever saw and that's saying a lot. Think of the most horrifying, grizzly, bloody, sick fuck of a movie you can possibly think of, then look at "Braindead". Now, whatever you were just thinking of looks like "The Care Bears"

Here's another way I can describe it; imagine 5 gallons of blood being pumped per second. And think of this; movie theaters supplied barf bags. You ever heard of "Lord of the Rings"? Well, this is 'Lord of Gore'! And seriously it's fucking nasty. I'm speechless every time I see it. Bravo, goriest film ever (clapping)