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James Rolfe: It's Cinemassacre's "Monster Madness"!

Nancy Thompson (before Freddy Krueger crashes to the door and grabs her): This is just a dream, this isn't real. This is just a dream, he isn't real. He isn't re...

James: In the 80's, every kid knew about Freddy Krueger, the child killer who gets burned to death, then comes back in people's nightmares.

So, I heard about him before I ever saw any of the movies. I knew about the gloves, the striped sweater, and that he was a wise-cracking ghoul.

Freddy: (in Nancy's dream) Come to Freddy!


James: But with the first "Nightmare" movie, it leans more towards pure horror than gags. Though, there are a few gags too.

Before this, most slasher films were just a guy with a knife going around killing people. But "Nightmare" brought a new twist to the genre. The first "A Nightmare on Elm Street" reminds me of the original "Halloween", and that it has a suburban atmosphere and teenagers having sex, or at least trying to. So we have Nancy, Tina and Glen. And yes! Glen is played by Johnny Depp. I bet none of the actors knew they were working with one of the biggest future stars of Hollywood.

Though Depp was new at the time, and is actually one of the weaker characters of the film. He hadn't yet matured as the respected actor we know today!

Captain Jack Sparrow: Savvy?

James: There's just four kids here, as the later Freddy films have more characters. I guess they wouldn't set up more bodies for Freddy to kill off. Tina is set up at the start to be this film's lead, but she's murdered by Freddy about 18 minutes in. So, then Nancy becomes the main star of the film. She quickly discovers that she needs to keep herself awake to defend herself from the horrible nightmares.

She spends the majority of the movie drinking coffee and taking pills. Then there's Rod; he gets blamed for Tina's death and gets put in jail. During a dream, a blanket slowly moves around Rod's neck and hangs him. The special effect is pretty well done. Today, that blanket would've been CG and there'd be no reason for it, when it could be done in practical effects like this.

It was directed by Wes Craven and it's really interesting the way he depicts the dream sequences. For example, a person might go from a boiler room to the outside of the house just by jumping. Just like in a dream, locations just switch because none of it makes sense. And as far as the dreams go, I think they are most effective in the first film. Where in later "Nightmare" films, the dreams become so exaggerated with giant sets and it goes overboard.

The father doesn't believe Nancy until the end of the movie. Usually with these 80's horror flicks, there will be at least one veteran actor. With "Halloween", it's Donald Pleasance, with "Friday the 13th", it's Betsy Palmer, and here, we have John Saxon. He's very believable in the role. Whenever I watch this movie, I get pissed off that he doesn't listen to his daughter. The parents commit Nancy to a hospital to test her dreams and get her some help. They believe she's just traumatized because of the murders. While in the hospital bed, she starts freaking out during her dream and when she wakes up, she pulls out Freddy's hat out of the dream, and still they don't believe her. Too bad, she pulled out a hat. Hell, it's a dream, so she should have robbed a bank and brought back a sack full o' money, that would've been a plan! A fun fact: The doctor in this scene was played by Charles Fleischer, who did the voice of Roger Rabbit.

Roger Rabbit: Help, me Eddie! P-P-P-please!