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Tik-Tok is one of the characters that appeared in the Oz lore by L. Frank Baum and one of the main protagonists of the 1985 film, Return to Oz and a non-canon animated short, Wizard of Oz 3: Dorothy goes to Hell.


In his role in Wizard of Oz 3, he first arrived in Kansas along with Tin Man and the munckins on their mission to tell Dorothy about the upcoming threat to Oz and soon the entire world. The robots disguised themselves as tools for Uncle Crunch so he can buy them for farming and chopping woods. When Dorothy saw the robots, she tells her aunt (Aunt Eminem) that Tik Tok and Tin Man were real, but Aunt Eminem denied that the robots that Crunch bought were the ones from Oz that Dorothy recoginzed. Much to Dorothy's frustration, she rushes to Crunch and informs that the robots were Tik Tok and Tin-Man were from Oz, but Crunch quickly became furious after hearing enough of Dorothy's nonsense, scolds her, and sends her to clean the robots. 

When Dorothy wondered what the robots were doing, Tik Tok showed the message from Glinda who begs her to return and save Oz. Dorothy was shocked and has no choice but to tell her aunt and uncle that she has to leave to save Oz.

Tik Tok and Tin Man arrived at the scene after Dorothy run away from her home along with Toto. Tik Tok informs that the only way to get to Oz would have to be land travel. Tik Tok, then tells Dorothy that Oz was taken over by an evil force who was worse than the wicked witch and the Nome King. Dorothy begins running back to her home but Tik Tok warned her that it's too dangerous.

When Dorothy arrived and reunited with her friends in Oz, Tik Tok questions Dorothy if Jack Pumpkinhead was her real son which she doesn't care and has enough after Tik Tok tried to ask her about her rumored maternity. When the group traveled through the yellow brick road to Emerald City to ask the Wizard about confronting Satan, Tik Tok again asks Dorothy about her maternity, but was quickly interrupted when Foot and Ball steal the scene before the two were annihilated by flying monkies. Tik Tok was shot down by one of the monkeys and tries to tell Dorothy something before being destroyed.