• I seriously doubt it, but a Angry Video Game Nerd vs Nostalgia Critic Rematch could be a possibility.

    Do you think a Angry Video Game Nerd vs Nostalgia Critic Rematch is a possibility?

    The poll was created at 23:16 on July 15, 2015, and so far 34 people voted.
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    • Doug Walker, James Rolfe and Mike Matei have been hanging out periodically (I think they last met up in person to do the new TMNT review).

      Another battle? Not sure it would be as relevant or not today. Cool to see, but he and the Nerd have been allies in their most recent content, so it wouldn't make a lot of sense.

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    • AVGN is better than NC; James is funny, original and offers ,icj more variety. Maybe he made a few mistakes like bringing some annoying guest stars (coff,coff...Lloyd Kaufman) and doing some experiments from the classic formula that didn´t worked well but still, his webseries are interesting. NC is annoying and despicable; he takes every good movie that has been made in the world and says it´s crap. I bet he doesn´t even watch these films. For some reason, the parts in AVGN´s Ricky 1 review with Doug challenging the Nerd to choose a nostalgic film and criticize it, were tolerable. I can´t say the same thing when i tried to watched his pilot episode. He acted like a schizophrenic 6-year old kid. Yelling and screaming all the time

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    • I swear, the first minutes of NC´s very first episode was pointless. Why did he screamed so much? I know the Transformers movie was horrible but why act like that? Like a stupid person?

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    • Dunno why you're a fan of AVGN if you think screaming like a stupid person is a bad thing...

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    • I hope it's AVGN vs. TheRealNostalgiaCritic of the UTTP!!!!!

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    • Llirium wrote:
      Dunno why you're a fan of AVGN if you think screaming like a stupid person is a bad thing...

      Yeah, but i can´t stand Nostalgia Critic. Like i said before, the first minutes of his pilot episode was just about him going apeshit and talking nonsense. Maybe i was too afraid that the rest of the videos were similar that i didn´t try to watch them.I´m sure his following seasons are better but i´m just too lazy to watch them. Also, i don´t like how he calls Space Jam a commercial bullshit(It´s the funniest movie i ever saw as a kid) I know it because i read the transcript of the episode in his wikia but i didn´t watched the video so i couldn´t hear his annoying voice. I don´t want to watch either his review for Pókemon: The Movie; because i don´t want to hear how he insults the film. Come on, Doug, it´s not a masterpiece but it´s entertaining.

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