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The Ninja

A Ninja is an AVGN character that appeared in the episode "Ninja Gaiden"

Physical appearance[]

The Ninja appear to be an average Ninja, he wear black ninja clothes, 2 red wrist covers, and have mask hiding his face.


The Ninja is a character based on Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. He is portrayed by Kevin Finn, and has a broken English accent unlike the original character. He advised the Nerd that to beat the game "Ninja Gaiden", he has to let the game beat him first, to which the Nerd replies that it has several times without him even trying to do so. He trained the Nerd to be better at game by training his speed, reaction speed, tell him advises such as "A Ninja... must look... beyond the border.... of the screen."

The Ninja is shown to be much better at the game than the Nerd, though he starts to fail toward the end of the game and shows the same frustration and defeat the Nerd does.


The Ninja appeared in the episode "Ninja Gaiden", his only appearance.