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The Munchkin Trio

The Munchkin Trio are a group of midgets that first appeared in Dorothy Goes To Hell. Lately, during the Bill & Ted review, The Angry Video Game Nerd imagined how could the time bandits from the game could be.

Role in Wizard of Oz 3[]

They first appeared in the short where they were disguised as jawa-like figures and arrived in Kansas in the beginning. Uncle Crunch walks towards them and questioned them what they're doing in his home, the munchkins then showed him Tik-Tok and Tin Man which Crunch agrees to keep them (secretly, the duo were sent to Kansas to warn Dorothy about an evil force rising to take over the world).

They appeared again after Dorothy forcefully leave her home by her now angered uncle who was now growing sick and tired of her truth. The munchkins removed their robes, revealing their true selves. The trio wants Dorothy to come back to Oz and make the munchkins proud since they were banished from Munchkin Land due to their unpleasant personalities. They brutally slaughtered Toto after hearing that Dorothy was hungry and was unable to eat dinner from her home, thus forcing her to eat Toto.

When the group finally arrived at Munchkin Land, the mayor informs the trio to have a final chance to stop being jerks so they can be able to stay in Munchkin Land. But the blue haired munchkin broke the promise by insulting the mayor. The trio were then sent to the dungeon for their crimes. It is unknown what happened to them during the apocalypse, but in the alternate timeline where Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Lion never received their goals, the trio would most likely not to exist.