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The Dream Phone
Portrayed by
Electronic children's toy
Character's First Appearance
Dream Phone
Board James, Motherfucker Mike, Bad Luck Bootsy

The Dream Phone is a character featured in the Board James episode "Dream Phone" where he serves as the main antagonist.


The Dream Phone appears, at first, to be charming and romantic towards the player. However, as Board James keeps hanging up, the Dream Phone's true personality becomes more visible: cold, ruthless, and evil.


Initially, he is just a simple board game designed for teenage girls that involves a bit of clue-solving to figure out who your secret admirer is and call them on the Dream Phone but becomes much more sinister as the episode progresses, murdering both Bad Luck Bootsy and Motherfucker Mike. He is ultimately defeated for good by Board James.

The Dream Phone later appears in the Ouija/Domino Rally episode where he comes into the basement wielding a gun in the Ouija universe when James crosses over but Elvis Presley/Motherfucker Mike manages to fend off the Dream Phone, saving James.