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Evil motherfucker
"Your mother sucks cocks IN HELL!"

Satan or the Devil is an evil, demonic entity that the Nerd has encountered or referenced to in certain occasions. Satan, as well as God, was created by Death Mwauthzyx according to the lore ascribed to the cyber mutant death god in Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie.

In Abrahamic religions, Satan is the adversary of God.

Super Mario Bros. 3[]

Satan first appeared on the AVGN show in the The Wizard and Super Mario Bros. 3 episode, where it possessed the Nerd's SMB3 cartridge. A battle ensued and the Devil was finally defeated by the Nerd thanks to the help of Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. Version 4.0 Beta.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures[]

The original demon also makes an appearance as a boss in the gaming title mentioned above. When the Nerd is in the middle of traversing the hellish world that is Thy Farts Consumed, Satan jumps out of nowhere and drags him down into a bottomless pit. The pair duke it out as they fall, as all the Devil does is strafe back and forth in an attempt to slaughter the AVGN while families of death blocks are in the Nerd's way of victory. If the player is skilled or lucky enough, they'll eventually pump enough Nintendo Zapper ammo into the Devil and defeat him, beating the stage as well.

Other Minor Appearances[]

The Devil reappeared in the Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle episode, where he was in Hell, alongside the recently deceased Bugs Bunny/Woody Woodpecker and the Nerd. He also appeared in the Super Pitfall episode, where he was the demon fighting against an angel for Pitfall Harry's soul whenever he died, which was the Nerd's concept for Pitfall Harry's epileptic death in the game. During the Nerd vs. Critic battle, he possessed and fought alongside the Critic during the final moments of the brawl. However, both of them were defeated by the Nerd and Super Mecha Death Christ.

He also appears in the History of Super Mecha Death Christ feature, sometimes taking control of some of the Super Mecha Death Christ's machines.

In Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, an image of the cyber mutant death god Death Mwauthzyx holding Satan and God while surrounded by fire, is shown while Cooper explains to the Nerd that Death Mwauthzyx created both Satan and God.

In 2019, The Devil we're being mentioned in Pepsiman episode, because Pepsiman we're being consumed by Devil, and one in Spawn Games episode, The Nerd, Clown, Woody Woodpecker and R.O.B. the Robot are playing 4 player Spawn game and it turns and combined into true and reincarnated version of The Devil in Cinemassacre store, and Tony gets scared.


  • He originally appeared in The Wizard Of Oz 3: Dorothy Goes To Hell.
  • The Nostalgia Critic took the form of him, in the final battle between him and AVGN.
  • The Devil is one of five villians to be defeated with the NES accessories (the other ones being the Nostalgia Critic, R.O.B, Jason, Freddy and the Where did you Learn to fly Bitch.)
  • The quote "Your mother sucks cocks in hell" is taken from the 1973 horror film The Exorcist, spoken by the possessed Regan MacNeil.