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This image is bullshit

The Bullshit Man himself.

"You know what's BUUULLLSHIT?! and that's bullshit"
—--The Bullshit Man in all of his videos and ending

The Bullshit Man (sometimes shortened B.S. Man) is one of James Rolfe's original characters, spawning from the series You Know What's Bullshit?!. The B.S Man is an unnamed person who constantly rants on the complete idiocy, unfairness, and bullshit in his everyday life, portrayed by his writer, James Rolfe. Though originally appearing off screen, the B.S Man, in Episode 13, was revealed that his face is literally and ironically a pile of bull shit. He stated he use to look like an average man, but his face slowly degenerated into what it is now thanks to the infinite amount of bullshit he is constantly exposed to. After his exposure, he usually talks directly to the audience with his crappy looking face instead of the aforementioned voice over.

Starting with the episode, "The Word Bimonthly!" and ending with "Bed Sheets", the Bullshit Man is now depicted in illustrations with the head of a bull instead of bull droppings. He makes a return in the episode, "Micro SD Cards", albeit in animated form.

Physical Appearance[]

He dons a tan Denim jacket overlapping a white T-shirt and torn jeans.

Tiger Electronic Games[]

When the Nerd is trying to open a plastic package to expose the Tiger Electronic wristwatches, he cannot seem to get it open. He then utters the phrase "You know what's bullshit...." when suddenly, uninvited, the Bullshit Man barges through the door and helps AVGN open the tedious package with a pair of scissors. While doing so, the AVGN video suddenly transforms into a YKWBS-style video, complete with the Bullshit Man's pissed off voice over and theme. When the package is finally cut open, he barges right back out to which The Nerd says "Thanks, Bullshit Man".

The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures[]

In the Nerd's official game, the Bullshit Man appears as a playable character in it, along side the Nerd himself, Mike, and a decomposed Kyle. After being rescued (player-determinant) from Beat It and Eat It (a strip club), the B.S Man has full access to the player at anytime. He can double jump via having his farting shit propel him a jump further into the air and shoots small logs of projectile feces out of his bare hands in a form of defense.

TV Tropes states that the Bullshit Man's attack is very strong.

The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 2: ASSimilation[]

The Bullshit Man also returns in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 2: ASSimilation but this time only appears in the opening & closing cutscenes. In the opening to the game he along with Mike and Shit Pickle are turned into enemies by Death Mwauthzyx. During the ending, he, Mike, and Shit Pickle return to normal after the Nerd defeats Death Mwauthzyx.


  • The Bullshit Man makes a non-speaking cameo appearance in a Game Theory episode called Wii U is the new Virtual Boy.
  • The Bullshit Man appears in Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie on the small billboard on the large sign in front of the MGM Grand hotel's that says: "BULLSHIT MAN". As the sign is torn in two by Death Mwauthzyx during his rampage of Las Vegas, the screen briefly displays the Game Graphic Glitch Gremlin before turning to white noise. The hotel and the sign were miniatures in the movie.