Angry Video Game Nerd Wiki
"Every game has its thing, and this game's thing IS TO PISS ME OFF!"
—--The Nerd about his own game

The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (also known as Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, AVGN Adventures, AVGNA and TAVGNA) is a video game developed by Freakzone Games and published by Screw Attack Entertainment. After being greenlit, the game was officially released on Steam on September 20, 2013. The player takes control of the Nerd, of course, in a shitty game, trying to find his friends. The title is purposely designed to be one of the most frustrating and unfair games in gaming history, and it was the last game reviewed by the Nerd in his AVGN Games episode.

A sequel was announced at San Diego ComicCon, with plans to release the game on Steam and Nintendo consoles. The sequel, The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 2: ASSimilation, was released in Spring 2016.


Parodying the infamous Cheetahmen opening, the game starts out in a slide-show style cutscene of the Nerd and his friends playing an unidentified game. Suddenly, his friends are sucked into the television as the Nerd successfully escapes the vortex by retreating into the basement. However, a hand reaches out of the basement's TV and yanks the Nerd, via his testicles, into Game Land, an amalgamation of all of the shitty, frustrating games the Nerd has played over the decade. Formally guided by Naggi, the patronizing firefly (a parody of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Navi) the Nerd must traverse the unfair plains of Game Land and find his friends and his way out.

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There are nine levels in all. Assholevania (a parody of most stages from Castlevania), Happy Fun Candy Time, Future Fuckballs 2010 (a parody of the false future of Street Fighter 2010), Blizzard of Balls (a Christmas themed level in the snowy mountains of the North Pole), Thy Farts Consumed (Hell itself with the Devil as the final boss), Dungeons and Dickholes, Beat It and Eat It (a parody of the Atari porn game with the same name), and Boo! Haunted House (a tunnel vision horror level being a parody of Nightmare on Elm. Street). The final level, Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts, is a strobey, techno rainbow splattered stage and is designed to give the player literally no time to rest, as an unlimited amount of traps and enemies are in every direction 24/7. The final boss is the Nerd's arch-enemy, Fred Fuchs. After the jet-pack using producer is defeated, Game Land falls apart and sends the Nerd and his friends flying out of the TV, back in the basement. The gaming Nerd then complains on how the game simply sucks, as all it does it literally suck you into it, and states only a complete nerd would continue to play it. They all then sit down and do exactly that as the credits roll.


The game takes several gameplay styles from classic titles such as Megaman, Castlevania, and Crash Bandicoot. Having an uncountable amount of obstacles (such as the flying fireballs, constantly appearing spikes, and the always tedious death blocks) as well as hard-to-kill enemies, there are several references to past AVGN episodes. These range from quotes, enemies, hazards, and power ups. One power up is the rock from Friday the 13th, the Glitch Gremlin that leaves a trail of enemy freezing glitches, and Super Mecha Death Christ, a power up that destroys and kills all opponents on screen. Beer bottles are also points of health and tiny AVGN faces serve as extra lives, while Nintoasters serve as checkpoints.

Difficulty Levels[]

Difficulty Easy Normal Old School Hard as Balls Fucking Impossible Y.O.L.O.
Health 6 Beers 3 Beers 3 Beers 2 Beers 1 Beer 1 Beer
Lives Infinite 30 Lives 15 Lives 5 Lives 5 Lives (no extras) 1 Life (no extras)
Continues N/A (infinite lives) Unlimited 5 Continues 3 Continues No Continues No Continues
Checkpoints Visible Visible Invisible Invisible None None
Saving Yes Yes No No No No
Enemies Weak Normal Normal Strong Strong Strong
Weapons Strong Normal Normal Weak Weak Weak
Gun Color Pink Orange Grey Black Gold Rainbow
Unlocked Start Start Start Beat "Old School" Beat "Hard as Balls" Beat "Fucking Impossible"

Playable Characters[]

The Nerd[]

Of course, as aforementioned, you start out controlling the AVGN himself. His only weapon is a Nintendo Zapper, which can shoot deadly pellets of energy at any direction. Besides his iconic pair of glasses, white shirt, and khaki pants, the Nerd also dons a Power Glove on his right hand to fire while climbing ladders. When found in levels the Nerd can use the Super Scope to do more damage until he gets hit.

The Guitar Guy[]

"Is that guy dead again?"
—--The Nerd upon seeing his non-living guitarist

The Guitar Guy (Kyle Justin), still maintaining the common gag that he died and decomposed behind AVGN's couch, is a walking, living skeleton donning a notable, brown trilby and wielding a guitar that shoots waves of fatal music notes. These notes can puncture through walls as well as raise certain blocks hindering the way, making the deceased musician a long range sniper-like character. He moves faster on the ground than the other characters but jumps the lowest, his high speed will can make him overshot on some occasions and die. He is found in Future Fuckballs 2010 behind the iconic sofa.


".....who the fuck is Mike?"
—--The Nerd, jokingly avoiding breaking the fourth wall

Mike is the third playable character. Having his usual attire seen in his videos, the Nerd stays in character and avoids breaking the fourth wall by asking who Mike is, as Mike is a close friend of and is the one who assists James Rolfe in making a majority of his AVGN videos, but the Nerd character has never been confirmed to know Mike. Mike wields a melee weapon, being a red lightsaber from the always famous Star Wars franchise which also does the least amount of damage. He also has "Secret Vision" where he can see through certain blocks and destroy them to find power-ups, lives, health, or secret paths. He has the highest jump of all the characters. He is found in Dungeons & Dickholes, The Guitar Guy is needed to reach him.

The Bullshit Man[]

"Hey, asshole! Get me out of this awful strip club! This is bullshit!"
—--The Bullshit Man upon seeing the player.

The Bullshit Man (shortened to the B.S. Man) is one of James Rolfe's original characters, being a man who constantly calls out the "bullshit" in society in his series, "You Know What's Bullshit?!". Ironically, it is revealed that the Bullshit Man, though appears normal, has a face that is complete, literal cow feces. He has the ability to double jump by having his explosive diarrhea fart propel him upwards, shoot logs of shit out of his bare hands that arc towards the ground and does the most damage along side the Nerd's Super Scope. He is found in Beat It and Eat It. Mike is needed to reach him.

Powerups/Support Characters[]

Found throughout the stages these powerups/support characters will aid the player characters in beating the game.


When found can be used to replenish the health of the player. Useless in higher difficulties in which you die in one hit regardless.


Represented by the Nerd's face and does exactly as you would think and it gives you another life. Useless on Easy mode and the highest difficulties.


Near useless rocks thrown in a high short arc always come in sets of 25.

Super Scope[]

Unique in that only the Nerd can use this powerup. Picking it up switches the player to the Nerd if not playing as him and replaces the Zapper as his main weapon until he is hit or switches to another character.

Game Graphic Glitch Gremlin[]

When found the Gremlin can be used to glitch out the game freezing everything including bosses but does not stop them from doing damage. Can be used Twice when found. The second rarest powerup.

Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. Version 4.0 Beta[]

When found he can be called on once to kill everything on screen. The rarest of all the powerups.


In the original release of the game, several game Internet personalities appear as cameos in the levels, as well as Shit Pickle. In AVGN Adventures I and II Deluxe, these cameos are absent due to licensing issues, and are replaced by Future Nerd.

  • Brentalfloss: The musician will tell the player "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!" referencing the scene where Link gets the sword from the first Zelda game. However, instead of a large dagger, the player gets a bundle of beers. He is found in Assholevania.
  • Andre the Black Nerd: You find Andre in Assholevania just as well. "Take this! Love ya like a play cousin!" he'll exclaim as you take his healthy beer.
  • Wiz and Boomstick. The Death Battle hosts will engage with the Nerd in conversation when they are discovered. "They'll be a boss up there," Wiz warns. "Look for the sweet spot!" "Don't even think about touching my guns...." Boomstick will also warn the Nerd, referring to the Super Mecha Death Christ power-up, three Super Scopes, and beer. They can be found in Happy Fun Candy Time.
  • Keith Apicary: Keith, in the same level as just said, will be standing in from a bundle of two beers and four lives. "Why, hello, Nerd!" "...hey, Keith," the Nerd will flatly reply. "Have a good day," the man will say endingly.
  • Jirard the Completionist: The Screw Attack employee gives the player the Super Scope before telling them, "I....the Completionist, is in this game!" The Nerd simply replies, "K....nice wings." He is found in Boo! Haunted House.
  • Pat the NES Punk: The hardcore NES player will ask the Nerd, "Did you get a golden NWC cartridge yet?" The Nerd will reply with, "Shut up, Pat. Thanks for the beers." He says this because Pat's gift is two beers and three lives. He also is found in the previous stage.
  • Egoraptor: Arin Hanson, the famous Newgrounds animator, begins to talk to the player. "Don't be a grump, take these!" referencing Game Grumps as he gives the player two beers and a life. "Thanks, Egoraptor. Now I'm not so grump!" The Nerd replies. Hanson is found in Blizzard of Balls.
  • Angry Joe: In Blizzard of Balls, the player can find Angry Joe, giving the player two lives and a beer while saying "Items for ya, Nerd." The Nerd replies to this with the words "Thanks, Joe."
  • Craig and Chad: If the player were to play on Thy Farts Consumed, they could stumble upon Screw Attack members Chad and Craig. Chad would say, "Nerd! We've been sent to video game hell for helping make this game!" "At least there's free beer in hell...." Craig says as a follow up.
  • Mr. Destructiod and Jim Sterling: In Dungeons and Dickholes. They both are hiding next to a Super Scope and beer, when Jim says, "I found all of this shit! Thank God for me!" "Fuck yeah!" the Nerd will exclaim as they let you loot them.
  • Matthew Lentz: Matt is a new cameo found in Future Fuckballs, found just past a beer and standing next to another beer. He introduces himself as the winner of the pre-order competition to be in the game. The Nerd asks him "Weren't you supposed to be here at launch?", to which Matt replies "The spam folder can be a bitch!"
  • Shit Pickle: He can be seen in every level. Once seen, he bounces and falls down the screen in which he can be only seen for a brief moment.