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Talk About Games

Mike and Ryan reviewing the NES Classic Edition

Talk About Games is a Cinemassacre webseries with Mike Matei and his friend Ryan Schott, the web designer for The series features them making non-scripted commentary about video games. In contrast to the traditional Cinemassacre focus of retro console gaming, Talk About Games is about newer games, some of them indie. Many of the episodes feature Windows PC games, and to a lesser extent eighth-generation video game consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Wii U.

The series originated as a one-off video of "Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare" in late 2014, with Mike stating that he and Ryan were trying out a new thing and would be "talking about some games", which became the series' official title with the "Axiom Verge" episode. The series started off in a let's play/review hybrid format. From April 2015 to May 2016, episodes were released semi-frequently, but without a consistent upload schedule.

Starting with "DOOM" in June 2016, the series transitioned away from let's plays into a straight-up review show. Episodes also became more frequent, airing roughly once a week. With "Worms W.M.D." in August of that year, the series settled into a schedule of a new episode every Friday. Little over a month later, the two of them started up another series, titled Mike & Ryan. For the remainder of 2016, Talk About Games and Mike & Ryan alternated with each other, with every Friday seeing the release of a new episode of one show or the other.

The "Batman: Arkham VR" and "Clockwork Empires" episodes of Talk About Games featured them playing through the games instead of simply reviewing them, similar to the early episodes. However, the show ultimately changed format again, becoming a discussion show about current gaming news and topics, and various console reviews, rather than focusing on specific games. The show still alternates with Mike & Ryan, but on Saturdays now instead of Fridays.



# Name Release date
1 Axiom Verge (PS4) April 11
2 Shovel Knight BATTLETOADS (Xbox One) April 30
3 Toren (PC, PS4) May 14
4 Lakeview Cabin Collection (PC) June 3 (YT)
June 4 (CM)
5 Farm Simulator 15 July 7
6 Guild of Dungeoneering (PC) July 10
7 Ronin (PC) July 16
8 Layers of Fear Early Access Gameplay (PC) September 15
9 Guitar Hero Live (PS4) September 18 (YT)
10 Transformers Devastation September 30
11 Prison Architect October 10
12 Dungeon Defenders II October 14
13 Shadow Complex (PC) December 30 (YT)
December 31 (CM)


# Name Release date Notes
14 Guns Gore & Cannoli (PS4) February 27
15 Stardew Valley (PC) March 11 Edited down from Mike & Ryan's live stream.
16 Overwatch (PC) March 29
17 Slain! (PC) April 6 (YT)
April 7 (CM)
18 Heads Up! (Mobile) May 11
19 DOOM 2016 (PC) June 7
20 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan (PC) June 13
21 Dead by Daylight Beta (PC) June 15 (YT)
June 16 (CM)
22 Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (PC) June 22 (YT)
June 23 (CM)
23 Pokémon GO - Episode 1 (Mobile) July 14
24 Pokémon GO - Episode 2: Philadelphia (Mobile) July 21
25 Space Run Galaxy (PC) July 27
26 We Happy Few - Beta (PC) August 2
27 Hyper Light Drifter (PC) August 15 (YT)
August 16 (CM)
28 Savage Resurrection (PC) (Sponsored) August 18
29 Worms W.M.D. (PS4) August 26 (YT)
August 28 (CM)
30 Star Trek 50th Anniversary Trivial Pursuit September 2 First non-video game episode, instead featuring a card game.
31 Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (PC) September 8 (YT) Released on Star Trek's 50th anniversary.
32 Attack on Titan (PS4) September 9
33 Ori and the Blind Forest (Xbox One) September 16
34 Nintendo Switch - Everything We Know October 20 (YT)
October 21 (CM)
35 Batman: Arkham VR (PlayStation VR) October 21 (YT)
October 22 (CM)
36 Clockwork Empires (PC) (Sponsored) October 28 (YT)
37 NES Classic Edition (aka NES Mini) Review November 11
38 PS4 Pro - Is It Worth Buying? Does It Suck? November 24
39 Nintendo Theme Park at Universal Studios November 29 (CM)
November 30 (YT)
40 Ps4 vs Ps4 Pro - Comparison Test: Can you tell the difference? December 9


# Name Release date Notes
41 Nintendo Switch Reveal January 13
42 1-2 Switch Nintendo Gameplay Preview Event February 18 (YT)
February 19 (CM)
43 Nintendo Direct Reaction 4.12.2017 April 12 (YT)
44 Sony PlayStation May 27
45 Analogue Nt mini NES console Review June 10 (YT)
June 11 (CM)
46 E3 2017 - Top 10 Announcements June 14
47 SNES Classic Edition (aka Super NES mini) Announced by Nintendo June 27 (YT)
June 28 (CM)
48 Nintendo Wii July 8
49 Is Monetization Affecting Game Design? July 29
50 Nintendo 64 (N64) August 5
51 Top 10 Best Nintendo Achievements August 12
52 Famicom Classic Mini August 19
53 Deconstructing the RetroN 5 September 2 (YT)
54 Nintendo Direct September 2017 September 16 (YT)
55 SNES Classic Edition (aka SNES Mini) Review September 29 The last episode uploaded to the Cinemassacre website.
56 Super Mario Odyssey Philadelphia launch event with Ryan October 26
57 Xbox One X - Is It Worth Buying? Does It Suck? November 14
58 Xbox One X - Comparison Test: Can you tell the difference? November 18


# Name Release date
59 Nintendo Labo Discussion January 27
60 Analogue Super Nt February 6
61 Lightseekers Awakening Card Game (Sponsored) February 10
62 Sea of Thieves April 26
63 Octopath Traveler (Nintendo Switch) July 28
64 C64 Mini Console August 11
65 The Messenger September 8
66 PlayStation Classic PS1 Mini reveal September 19

Removed episodes[]

Name Release date
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare November 5, 2014 (CM)
Splatoon (Wii U) June 23, 2015 (CM)
Batman: The Telltale Series (PS4) August 3, 2016 (YT)
August 4, 2016 (CM)
Dead Rising Remastered (Xbox One) September 23, 2016 (YT)


  • The series was conceived out of Mike's desire to do more videos on modern games, as he had predominately been a retro gamer up to that point. Since Ryan enjoyed playing modern games a lot, Mike suggested to Ryan the idea of them doing videos together. Ryan did not initially want to do it, but Mike was eventually able to convince him. Mike explained this in a live stream he did of Super Mario Bros. 3, although the stream was later removed.