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Mike Butters
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"There's no time to explain that now. I'm here to finally destroy that menace... Pepsiman!"
—TV Game Guy

The TV Game Guy or the Pepsi for TV Game Guy is a character featured in the Pepsiman episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd series, and is portrayed by Mike Butters, who reprises his role from the original 1999 Pepsiman video game. He is a sworn enemy of Pepsiman, as he seeks his revenge after Pepsiman killed his family and dog by turning them into cans of Pepsi.

His nickname comes from an odd translation of the word "video game" from Japanese into English; in Japanese, the term for a video game is terebigēmu (テレビゲーム), literally translating as "TV game". Advertisers in Japan and other Asian countries often use English for effect, conveying a rather quirky message (sometimes purposefully). The slogan "Pepsi for TV game" was intended for Japanese rather than Western audiences.

In his original Pepsiman appearance, the TV Game Guy is portrayed as a stocky but well-built white man wearing a white "Another Day in Paradise" t-shirt, green cargo shorts, a white 1990s-style snapback, and sneakers. In his reprisal, he maintains the same appearance, albeit wearing khaki shorts instead, and has visibly aged.

During his appearance in the Pepsiman game, he appears in brief scenes in front of an unkempt living room full of Pepsi and Pepsi-related products, saying bizzare slogans such as "Pepsi for Pizza" or "Pepsi, Only My Choice", and takes on the persona of a stereotypical American. In the episode, The Nerd remarks that "his bowel movements are like tar and colon foam", because he consumes so much Pepsi. He also consumes Lays, Tostitos, and other PepsiCo products.

The TV Game Guy's first lines in the episode are midway through The Nerd's review, in which he calls him to warn about Pepsiman. However, Pepsiman quickly turns the phone into Pepsi. He appears later in the game and plays a pivotal role during the end of the episode. The TV Game Guy manages to get into The Nerd's house, and explains to him that Pepsiman is actually a villain, and that he murdered his family 20 years prior by turning them into cans of Pepsi; he had to get scrap money for the cans in order to pay for their funerals, and reveals he has spent the last 20 years on figuring out how to defeat Pepsiman. He also reveals that Pepsiman plans on taking over the world by turning everything into Pepsi.

The Nerd doesn't care about this, but wonders why he says "Pepsi for TV Game" instead of video game. The TV Game Guy has no time to explain, before Pepsiman starts attacking both of them and gets a partial hit on TV Game Guy. The TV Game Guy slowly starts to turn into Pepsi, but is able to survive and tell The Nerd to get to a near-by factory. The Nerd gets to a nearby Coca-Cola factory, where he battles Pepsiman and hits him with Mentos. TV Game Guy is able to successfully land a blow on Pepsiman with a Mentos gun, dropping Pepsiman into a pit of Spezi (mix of orange soda and cola), saving The Nerd and the world.

Eventually, the TV Game Guy requests he be given a "cinematic-like death" and asks the Nerd to slowly drop him into the pit of Spezi, since the TV Game Guy tells The Nerd that he will slowly turn into another Pepsiman. However, The Nerd ignores his instructions, and pushes him to his death.


  • Despite the TV Game Guy being portrayed in the original Pepsiman as an American, his actor Mike Butters is Canadian.
  • The TV Game Guy's death is a homage to the death of T-800 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
    • It possibly is a homage to the death of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.