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The Super Game Boy is a peripheral for the Super NES that allows Game Boy games to be played on a TV screen. Certain original Game Boy games are programmed to have enhanced features when played on a Super Game Boy, such as enhanced colors. Game Boy Color-exclusive games are not compatible with the Super Game Boy. The Super Game Boy is used in several episodes to enable higher-quality recording of Game Boy games.

A second version, the GB Hunter, was released. It is compatible with Game Boy Color games and is a peripheral for the Nintendo 64. The Transfer Pak, another peripheral for the Nintendo 64 could only play Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow with the Pokemon Stadium series.

Game Boy games played on it[]

  • The King James Bible (Bible Games 3 review)
  • Mary Kate & Ashley: Get A Clue
  • Toxic Crusaders
  • Game Boy versions of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie from the end of Power Rangers video games review
  • Game Boy Camera (Game Boy Accesories review with the accesory add-on)