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Spider-Man avgn

Kyle Justin as Spider-Man.

"This game sucks my spider balls! It's horrible!"
—Spider-Man after getting frustrated at Spider-Man for the Atari 2600.

Spider-Man (played by Kyle Justin) is better known as the title character and protagonist of the Marvel comic book series Spider-Man. He guest stars in the episode Spider-Man. He goes into the Nerd's basement room while he is playing Spider-Man for the Atari 2600. In the episode, Spider-Man serves as a guest reviewer, and would take over the game-play during three of the four games shown (Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six and The Amazing Spider-Man) after the Nerd's frustration overwhelms him. While at first seeming to enjoy the game-play, he eventually gets frustrated himself, starts to swear, drink beer and smashes the games. Spider-Man also ridicules the Nerd's game-play during Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six and The Amazing Spider-Man.

During the Nerd's playthrough of the GBA version of Spider-Man 2, he lambasts the developer's decision to incorporate the movie's pizza delivery scene into the game. He also claims to be ashamed of the scene in question, since he is a superhero, and doesn't want people to think of him as a pizza delivery man. When AVGN jokingly talks about how he'd like Spider-Man to deliver his pizzas every day, the latter angrily threatens to shove a pizza up his ass.

At the end of the episode, a variation of the 1960's Spider-Man theme song is sung:

Spider-Man Spider-Man
Takes a dump in a coffee can
Plays some games with a grudge
Gonna shit out some anal fudge
Look out here comes some shitty games

Alcohol is his power source Takes a piss like a drunken horse
Climbs a wall then he falls
This game sucks his spider balls
Oh no, he's playing the shitty games
When he plays his games he feels so ashamed
He shoots web from his wrist
But now Spider-Man's fuckin pissed

Angry Nerd Angry Nerd
Rather suck on a frozen turd
Or eat some crap from a moose
Gonna chug down some poopy juice
These games are such a great big fuck-up
They make you wanna throw up
All over Spider-Man