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A bottle of Rolling Rock

"I'm drinking Rolling Rock...ON THE ROLL'N ROCKER!"
—The Nerd

Rolling Rock is the brand of beer that the Nerd drinks in nearly every episode. The Nerd also appears to have a Rolling Rock clock in the room.


The beer was launched in 1939, just six years after prohibition had ended, by the Latrobe Brewing Company in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  In 2008, Latrobe Brewing was bought by St. Louis brewery, Anheuser Busch, (the makers of Budweiser and various other beers) and they continue to brew Rolling Rock to this day.

In an interview with with Jessica Frasher of, James Rolfe mentioned, "What's really funny is that Rolling Rock sometimes is called a pale ale, but its not a pale ale because pale ales are usually dark and bitter.  But Rolling Rock says on the bottle "Extra Pale". So it doesn't make any sense. Rolling Rock is a pale ale, but it's not pale."

In other Angry Video Game Nerd related media[]

In almost every piece of displayed fan-art, the Nerd is always characterized with a cold bottle of Rolling Rock in his hand, as chugging down the sorrow and frustration of the shitty gaming titles he plays has become a trademark of the Nerd almost if not more famous than his dirty mouth.

Green bottles of this alcohol also act as the health system of the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. The number of health points/beer bottles depend on what difficulty the player is playing on.

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