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Resident Evil: Survivor[]

Resident Evil Survivor was released January of 2000 in Japan known as Biohazard Gun Survivor and August of 2000 for North America. The game had lightgun support in Japan but not in America, The game is infamous for being the first first person Resident Evil game, it was unlike the other games and it had one of the easiest enemies of any Resident Evil Game such as the trench coat guy from Resident Evil 2, which only takes a few shots and being described by the nerd as that "he just walk around like he's lost and let's you shot him". It also includes one of the worst peice of Resident Evil Music, specifically the lab music. The animations of the game according to the nerd, "is laughable" and that "they all like their doing the robot. Also, getting items is very easy because of the lack of puzzles." The voice acting was describrd by the nerd as "is the worst of any Resident Evil game". The game is considered to have no replay value except than the person who gets killed by the Tyrant. The final boss of the game is very easy to defeat as to the nerd "as long as you keep backwards and shooting, he can't hit you, what a joke!". This game is considered to be one of the worst in the franchise of the whole Resident Evil franchise.

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