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The Power Glove is an NES acccessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the first peripheral interface controller to recreate human hand movements on a television or computer screen in real time. The Power Glove was not popular and was criticized for its imprecise controls, decieving marketing, and the inconvenience of entering a long number code every time you play a different game. The movie The Wizard (which the Nerd also reviewed) was essentially a 90 minute commercial for Super Mario Bros. 3, Universal Parks, and the Power Glove. This is possibly the most recognizable piece of hardware the Nerd ever reviewed in it's own episode, and it's seen all the time throughout the AVGN series, since he almost always wears it and uses it to give his signature middle finger.

AVGN episodes[]

The first appearance of the Power Glove was in the A Nightmare on Elm Street review towards the end. It would later get its own episode that was released on November 13, 2006. To date, this is still the most viewed AVGN episode (and video) on the Cinemassacre channel with 14 million views.

This is the first review which doesn't focus on a specific game or specific types of games throughout. Other episodes the Power Glove appeared in were the Double Vision: Part 1 review and the Zelda II review where the Nerd unknowingly beats Shadow Link while wearing the Power Glove and talking to the camera. This was the only NES accessory reviewed in its own individual episode beside R.O.B. the Robot.

For the transcript, See Transcript of AVGN episode Power Glove.

The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 2: ASSimilation[]

Power Glove found from the Board James Level 1: Hippo Hell at the end of the level, Power Glove can punch to destroy blocks with pressing the B button of the Gamepad.