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Portrayed by
Xander Arnot
Promotional Mascot
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Mortal Kombat Rip-Offs

Pepsiman is a character seen in an episode of the same name in the Angry Video Game Nerd series, potrayed by Xander Arnot. Similar to Jason Voorhees, he does not speak, but instead makes random screech noises to communicate anger or distress. He has the power to transform into any object or person into either a Pepsi drink or the Pepsiman (PS1) game. The Nerd explains that Pepsiman can only create Pepsi drinks for others, but not himself, which causes Pepsiman's head to sink in shame when this is said. He can be damaged by being hit with Mentos.

During the Pepsiman (PS1) episode, he randomly appears sitting on The Nerd's couch, transforming games that the latter holds up into the Pepsiman game for the Playstation, in hopes to get The Nerd to play the game. The Nerd gives in and plays the game in hopes of being left alone afterwards.

When Mike Butters appears in the episode, he explains to The Nerd how Pepsiman ruined his life by turning his healthy food, wife and kids into Pepsi cans. Butters wards him off briefly with two rolls of Mentos, but he soon retaliates by firing a beam of energy at Butters. This leaves Mike Butters still alive, but in the process of slowly turning into Pepsi himself.

The Nerd escapes to a Coca-Cola factory where Pepsiman can be defeated. After a brief fight with The Nerd and Pepsiman, Mike Butters reappears with a "Mentos bazooka" and blasts Pepsiman into a vat of orange soda, killing him. Mike Butters tells The Nerd that there's "only one Pepsiman left", which is himself. Butters asks The Nerd to push him into the orange soda vat by lowering him in with chains, but The Nerd just pushes him in.

Mortal Kombat Rip-Offs[]

Pepsiman makes a cameo appearance during Mortal Kombat Rip-Offs episode of game Shadow in Panasonic 3DO and Nerd inspire the final boss is similar to Pepsiman.


  • Pepsiman being fearful of and harmed by Mentos is a reference to Mentos causing some cola drinks to expand and fizz uncontrollably.
  • Pepsiman's death in the vat of orange soda is a reference to T-1000's death in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
  • Pepsiman was featured as a unlockable character in the Japanese version of Fighting Vipers for the Sega Saturn
  • There was originally one Pepsiman in the world, until The TV game guy got hurt by Pepsiman and got turned into the second Pepsiman in the world, as shown at the end of the episode when both Pepsimans are destroyed.