Pat the NES Punk, played by Patrick Contri, guest starred on the 104th episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd titled "Nintendo World Championships" as the hidden main antagonist of the episode.

Pat also guest starred on two episodes of the Spike TV series "1000 Ways To Die" as an interviewee. Pat also guest starred as his out-of-character self in the James & Mike Mondays episodes, "Super Off Road", "R.C. Pro-AM II", "Jaws Unleashed", "Smash TV" and "PAX East Live!"

Nintendo World Championships

In the episode, the Nerd calls Pat after receiving a reproduction cartridge of the NES game, Nintendo World Championship. The Nerd trades a newly acquired box of NES games for Pat's cartridge, but Pat finds the even rarer gold version in the box of games from the Nerd who offered Pat to look through for a trade. (Originally mistaking it for The Legend of Zelda), so the two settle on playing the reproduction cart to settle who gets the two Nintendo World Championship carts.

The Nerd is disappointed after seeing the games included on it, and ultimately smashes both cartridges shortly after Pat wins. Pat crawls in shock to the cartridges, and begins laughing manically and strangles the Nerd as the episode ends.

In reality, Pat owns both the grey and the gold variants of the cartridges, and as shown after the end credits of that episode, the carts destroyed in the episode weren't really the NWC cartridges, but other games with the stickers replaced and fake switches planted on them. The grey one was Top Gun and the gold one, ironically, was Legend of Zelda, which is evident as the internal battery can be seen among the debris when the Nerd smashes the gold NWC cartridge with the hammer.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

In the game, Pat makes a cameo in the stage Boo! Haunted House. After finding a secret location in the dark hallways of the haunted mansion, one can stumble upon the NES Punk. Referencing the episode above, Pat will ask the Nerd, "Did you get a golden NWC cartridge yet?" The Nerd will respond, "Shut up, Pat. Thanks for the beers," referring to the two beers and three extra lives behind him that the player can take.

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

Pat makes an appearance in Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie as part of the Nerd protesters/fan crowd. He has a few lines of dialogue.

Bayou Billy / The Punisher

In this double review episode, Pat reviews a good LJN game ("The Punisher") while the Nerd reviews a shitty Konami game ("The Adventures of Bayou Billy"). After both of the reviews are finished, the Nerd pulls out the Nintendo World Championship gold cartridge and reveals to Pat that he never smashed the game due to its worth. Pat is devastated by this news, as he spent months in therapy when he believed the Nerd destroyed the game and can't believe the Nerd would do such an elaborate hoax just to screw with him. The Nerd adds that he needed to do something to let loose given to all the shitty games that surround him. Flabbergasted, Pat explains to the Nerd and questions him if he shares the passion, love, and hatred for the hobbies they pursue, to even where if they are friends; though the Nerd says yes, his sincerity is dropped to reveal itself as a lie, and orders Pat to "get the fuck out" of his den.

Though faced with such impudent and rude behavior, Pat shows his patience and walks off, stating he is the new Punk, unlike what happened in that earlier incident. As the Nerd, though satisfied with his NWA cartridge, notices the large amounts of feces on his den floor, and resolves to clean and not defecate on the floor anytime soon, Donkey Kong and son crack a joke that he is to be the "Beaten Video Game Nerd", to the Nerd's surprise. Donkey Kong Sr. then leaps up and proceeds to beat up the Nerd, while Donkey Kong Jr. tells him to be easy on the Nerd. He still has to finish the movie!

Oddly enough, the Nerd had previously reviewed an LJN game that he thought was good (Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage for the SNES) during his Wish List "Part 2" episode. However, he only became aware of LJN's involvement after the review rather than beforehand with "The Punisher". 

Annual NES Marathon

Since 2010 the Nerd has regularly been a part of Pat's Annual NES Marathons for charity, presenting special reviews via video appearances. His reviews are as follows:

2010: Golgo 13: Secret Agent

2011: River City Ransom

2012: Bubble Bobble (also featuring Rainbow Islands)

2013: Skykid

2014: Adventure Island

2015: Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat

2016: The Adventures of Gilligan's Island

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