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Nintoaster from episode 90 Action 52

The Nintoaster (technically, the Nintoaster II) is a unique modified video game console owned by the Nerd which was given to him by Richard Daluz. It is a chrome household toaster fitted with the body parts of a Nintendo Entertainment System, allowing it to play NES games. When not in use, it has a cartridge port protector shaped like a slice of bread, which the Nerd is shown taking out and throwing aside in some of his reviews. Daluz and his creation were first mentioned in Part 2 of the Nerd's Atari Jaguar review, and he is mentioned to have made several other devices such as the Super GeNinTari, a hybrid of an NES, an SNES, a Sega Genesis, and an Atari 2600. In that review, the Nintoaster shown was a different design, made from a solid white toaster with a curvier build.


Action 52[]

In the teaser before the theme song, the Nerd selects Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and puts it in the Nintoaster. When the title screen for the game appears, the Nerd tells the viewers that the console does indeed work.

Back to the Future ReRevisited[]

Humorously, in the Back to the Future Re-Revisited episode the Nerd mutters to himself how familiar it is putting the Back to the Future games into the machine, flashing back to the original episode where he put the first game in a real toaster.

Nintendo World Championships[]

In the Nintendo World Championships episode, Pat the NES Punk mocks the Nintoaster by asking if the Nerd is planning on playing games or making breakfast, not wanting the expensive cartridges to be turned into "a goddamn English Muffin".


The "original" Nintoaster has made it's last appearance in the Lethal Weapon NES review.

In a tweet made on October 17th, 2019 Cinemassacre Twitter account, James said the "original" Nintoaster had stopped working "a long time ago". But in the following year's episode, "The Legend of Kage", The Nerd reveals that the Nintoaster had been repaired as well as a "minor" upgrade to include an HDMI port. The console was repaired and upgraded by German YouTuber 'Prismary', who uploaded a video on his channel in January 2021 where he documented how he contacted James, repaired the system and installed the HDMI mod.

At the start of the Taito Legends episode, the Nerd addresses that many viewers pointed out a technical error with the graphics in The Legend of Kage. He jokingly states that the visual issue was due to some bread crumbs being present in the system, and after cleaning it out the game looks how it should. He also humorously states that it's been upgraded to play PS2 games by inserting the Taito Legends disc.

Appearances featured on Nintoaster[]

Other Appearances[]

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and Angry Video Game Nerd 2, Assimilation[]

If playing on any difficulty mode except for Old School and above, touching a Nintoaster will serve as a checkpoint which instantly saves the game and has the player re spawn there if they die.


  • The "Nintoaster" is a portmanteau of the gaming company "Nintendo" and the word "toaster."
  • The Nintoaster is a gift from vomitsaw.
  • James use the same Nintoaster vomitsaw made from this video here.