Nintendo Power
Directed By
James Rolfe
Release Date
September 4, 2007
Games Reviewed
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Nintendo Power is the 33rd episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd (series).


Begins with the Nerd that he taking a break from the games and decide to talk about his favorite gaming magazine, Nintendo Power. He states how awesome it was back in the day. He then talks about how issue #1 was. He then talks sh*t about the NES Achievers Section. Taking how people used to take pics of their score back then. He also looks back at the never released "Starfox 2" and he then looks back on some systems' original names (Nintendo Ultra 64, VR-32). He then talks about the Captain N Show, The Super Mario Super Show, and Super Mario Bros. Movie.

He then talks about how Nintendo Power knew ahead of time whether a game sucked or not. He then talks about the covers of each issue of how awesome it or how it sucks. He then notices a game enemy sticking the finger on a page. He then talks how shitty the ads are. He then compains on how getting the posters out of every issue was difficult. He then talks of the contests and how some of them were just bad. Also he talks on some fan-made Mega Man villians that fans drew in to be a possible villian fof a future game.

He then talks on how the spines were fine but then changed it then back to the orignal format. Talks next about questions and jokes fan summitted in. Also problems with Rambo and Fester's Quest. It ends with the Nerd reading his letter which was a fuck you letter in response to the editors' sarcastic and douchy remarks to certain questions asked in the magazine such as one complaining about the generic "64" used at the end of most Nintendo 64 titles and about targeting the Nintendo 64 to adult/teenage audiences since kids' perception of cool usually depends on older audiences. 


  • The Nerd hints future episode, Fester's Quest for the next one and Rambo for next year/season.