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Nintendo Power was a monthly Nintendo-focused magazine based in the United States that also shipped to Canada. Beginning in 1988 by Howard Phillips and several Nintendo of America employees, it is one of the longest running video game magazines of all time. In its final issues, the publication was owned by Future International and the Editor in Chief was Steve Thomason, formerly Chris Slate.


Nintendo first created a monthly newsletter about Nintendo video games. The cover of the first issue featured Super Mario Bros. It was titled Nintendo Fun Club, and was later changed to the magazine Nintendo Power. The first issue featured Super Mario Bros. 2 on the cover, and was the first of hundreds of future issues to come. The next issue was the first to feature a controversial cover, featuring a weird looking Simon Belmont holding the severed head of Dracula.

In issue seven, the Game Boy was revealed, following the first strategy guide of volume thirteen. In issue eighteen, they made their first review section, titled Now Playing.

After 24 years, it was officially announced on August 22, 2012 that December 2012 would be Nintendo Power's final issue. announced that subscribers would be refunded the remaining balance in their subscriptions and said the following regarding the final issue:

"Nintendo Power's last issue will be the December 2012 issue, which will be mailed to subscribers in late November and sold on newsstands starting December 4."

The website was edited soon after to correct the newsstand date. The actual date of publication for newsstand copies was December 11.

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