Mr bucket

Mr. Bucket

Mr. Bucket is a character who appeared in Episode 8 and Ouija Episode of Board James. He appears to be non-sentient at the beginning of the episode, but continually begins to chase after Board James to "suck on his balls".

Mr. Bucket is advertised as a children's toy, but carries negative stigma due to the commercial's possible sexual innuendos referring to sucking on male genitalia.

Board James

Mr. Bucket's first appearance was in Episode 8 of the 1st season as the game of review and main antagonist. He first appears as a non-sentient children's toy during Motherfucker Mike and Board James' short play with him. However, after Mike leaves, he begins to chase Board James throughout the house to suck on his balls (despite insisting he had removed Mr. Bucket's batteries earlier). Board James gave Mike a call to come over quickly to presumably talk about Mr. Bucket's sudden sentience and sexual advances. At the end of the episode, Board James, Mr. Bucket and eventually Mike end up in the basement, where Mike has his balls sucked by Mr. Bucket. With this distraction, Board James successfully grabs onto Mr. Bucket and drowns him.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures II: ASSimilation

Mr bucket avgna 2

Mr. Bucket in AVGNA II

Mr. Bucket makes a return in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures II: ASSimilation under the nickname "Mr. Fuckit" as the final boss in Bonanza of Balls. He attempts to roll over and crush The Nerd using balls falling from the sky or popping out of his mouth.

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