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"Never lose a race again! You're always winner."
—Mr. Rigs

Rex Viper Rigs, mostly known as Mr. Rigs, is a character who is portrayed by series creator James Rolfe. He wears a sideways orange cap, has a goatee, black tank top, sunglasses and tattoos that cover his left and right arms.


Mr. Rigs makes his debut appearance in a parody commercial in the Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing episode, when the Nerd imagines what a commercial for the game would be like.

He makes another appearance in the EarthBound episode as a character in the Nerd's subconscious. He appears along with a truck with the infamous "You're winner!" logo on it, and encourages the Nerd to beat EarthBound.

Mr. Rigs makes a brief cameo in the Superman 64 Returns!! episode, where he does a brief parody commercial for Superman 64 in the style of Big Rigs, as both games feature boundary-breaking glitches.

He appears at the end of the Life of Black Tiger episode in another advertisement in the same style as his Big Rigs commercial. His sunglasses changed from aviators to sporty wraparounds, and the commercial reveals that his real name is Rex Viper Rigs.

Mr. Rigs makes a cameo in the opening sequence of the Bartman Meets Radioactive Man episode. He appears in the Carmageddon 64 episode during an advertisement that is shown after the Nerd concludes his review with a comparison to Big Rigs.


  • Though the character's name was never mentioned in his debut appearance, James Rolfe refers to him as "Mr. Rigs" in the season commentary.
  • The tattoos seen on Mr. Rigs' right arm are fakes done by Rolfe's wife, April, and the tattoos seen on Mr. Rigs' left arm are Rolfe's real tattoos which are a Judas Priest and dragon tattoo.